Rare Hints At Future Games in Banjo Kazooie

Rare Hints At Future Games in Banjo Kazooie


Are a slew of Rare sequels in the works? Maybe. Maybe not.

Lately it seems new videogames themselves are becoming a sneaky platform to market and tease other upcoming gaming-related developments via Easter eggs. In a humorous move, Rare included a rather odd declaration in Banjo Kazooie: Nuts & Bolts. Though its somewhat unlikely, we could possibly see some favorite (and not so favorite) franchises returning.

A secret section in the new Banjo Kazooie game makes the proclamation: "They're all in the pipeline, you know. New Killer Instinct, Battletoads and Jet Force Gemini games. Even Ghoulies 2! Oh, you'll never believe that." The latter? I'll pass. But new Battletoads and Jet Force Gemini titles would certainly be welcome additions to my gaming collection. Still, don't hold your breath.


So having nuked the popularity and reputation of their major franchises, Micro-Rare-Soft is now desparately looking further and further into it's back catalogue for something, anything to make a sequel for?

As long as Battletoads is Battletoads hard.

As Kokatu says: Its probably a fake to wind up the fanclub. However, I would sincerely like a new Jet Force Gemini game!

I would love a new Jet Force Gemini. Heck, I'd settle for a re-release of the original.

i want a new gholies

Am I the only one here who wants a sequel to Ghoulies? I liked it.......


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