Desktop Tower Defense Devs Release Four New Games

Desktop Tower Defense Devs Release Four New Games


The Desktop Tower Defense duo have opened a website with four original titles and all the latest Web 2.0 upgrades a community flash games portal requires.

Partners Paul Preece and David Scott injected an addictive Flash virus into the internet last year with Desktop Tower Defense. Since the games's rise to popularity online, the developers have been working on four more titles that they've now released on Casual Collective, a host for the team's projects and those uploaded by the community.

Similar to Flash game portals Kongregate and Newgrounds, Casual Collective combines social networking, multiplayer and community tools like chat rooms to complement the gaming experience for its users.

Preece and Scott will also be strongly pushing their own games on the site, launching with eight of their own titles, including four never-before-played: a real-time strategy game Minions, platformer Buggle Stars and upgraded revisions to Desktop Tower Defense and Flash Element TD, the duo's previous hits.

Jeremy Liew, a partner at Lightspeed Venture Partners, the investors who funded the company with $1 million, was wasting his office hours away with Desktop Tower Defense and funded the startup when he heard the developers were building a business.

"I wanted to meet the guy who was such a drain on my productivity," stated Liew.

Casual Collective plans on selling additional game packs through cheap microtransactions to its users, as well as earning advertising revenues through the site. Liew, who recognizes the challenges of competing in the crowded online Flash games market strongly supports his investment, concluding, "Talent still rises."

Sources: VentureBeat


I still think Candystand's Vector Tower Defense series is the best. VTD, VTD2, and VTDx FTW.

(Hopefully still working) Link to VTD
Gonna have to give these new ones a try though, TD games are so good at killing time while at work.

As a developer of a tower defense game myself, I'm not going to say which one I think is best :D

I actually enjoy most of them. They are addicting and simple enough that you can play through all of them, and more varied and strategic than their detractors give them credit for.

If only someone would make a tower defense game based on popular RTS games. Like a C&C TD, where you have a mix of pillboxes, tesla coils, obelisks of light, and cannon emplacements to shoot at waves of C&C units.


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