Meteos Wars Hits XBLA This Week

Meteos Wars Hits XBLA This Week


Puzzle game addicts can kiss their free time goodbye; launching color blocks through the cosmos will be the only way you'll want to fill your Wednesday.

Meteos is arguably the best puzzle game ever released on the DS. In two days, the intergalactic puzzle-block war filled with many brightly-colored missiles will erupt on Xbox Live Arcade, according to developer Q Entertainment. Though it's a highly faithful port, Meteos Wars on the Xbox 360 will bring a few updates from the 2005 DS hit.

As expected, the game has been given a graphical and audio overhaul to bring the presentation up to speed for its HD debut. Many of the classic play modes and unlockables will still be available, but the real treat comes in the game's two flavors of multiplayer puzzle deathmatches. You can play locally in head-to-head competitions or take your war online via Xbox Live. The latter has voice chat support for all of your smack-talking needs. Matching colored blocks and launching them into the atmosphere is so much more satisfying when you know the projectiles will chip away and eventually destroy your opponent's home world. Meteos Wars is set to launch Wednesday on Xbox Live for 800 MSP.


How well did the original do, anyway? I have this feeling it was another one of those games that everyone raved about but nobody bought.


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