Notorious Super Mario Bros. Clone DS Bound

Notorious Super Mario Bros. Clone DS Bound


An unusual retro blast from gaming's past is getting another shot at infamy on the DS in Europe.

Directly ripping off Super Mario Bros. more than 20 years ago was a bold move for the small group of German developers who concocted The Great Giana Sisters, but it successfully brought side-scrolling "Jump'n'Run" gaming to the Amiga, Commodore 64, Armstrad CPC, and Atari ST for a short time before it was canned. Not content to let the game rest as a virtually unreleased cult classic, dtp entertainment is giving the sisters a makeover for their DS debut next year.

"The Great Giana Sisters was a Jump'n'Run that had everything home computer gamers back then only could experience on video game consoles: a fantastic game world on many different levels that challenged the players' hand eye coordination skills to their maximum to jump over deep canyons, collect bonuses, and succeed when fighting enemies just by jumping on their back," said dtp entertainment in a press release about the forthcoming game. Yes, that does indeed sound familiar, doesn't it?

Original publisher Rainbow Arts had to pull the game shortly after it was launched in the late 80s, due to litigation threats from Nintendo's legal department. Still, the game survived in limited form thanks to circulated homebrew copies. Spellbound Entertainment, a development studio led by the Giana Sisters' original creator, Armin Gessert, is freshening up the game with updated graphics and other features for its DS remake. The game will contain over 80 levels mixing elements of the original with some new designs. The Great Giana Sisters is slated to launch in Europe for the DS in June 2009.


Hark! I can hear Nintendo's legal department revving up their lawyers even now! Over hill and dale comes their cry, "Sue! Sue! Sue! Sue! Sue!"

In these turbulent economic times, why would you go out of your way to walk a fine legal line like this? Sure you could change the game just enough that it wouldn't violate trademarks, but releasing it on a Nintendo console? Come on!

It probably is, like the original, going to be more like a parody and less like a complete rip-off of the Super Mario Bros. games. And Nintendo probably doesn't care if they would release a game now based on the original Super Mario Bros. from 1985.

Back then I could see the logistics of Nintendo suing but surely they won't have the same ground nowadays? Everything of merit has been continuously ripped off, bastardised and cloned for years so I think Nintendo would have more of an issue suing now.

How sad is it that I didn't even realize the parallel of the two titles (meaning the names, not the games themselves) until about my third time reading this article?

Hark! I can hear Nintendo's legal department revving up their lawyers even now! Over hill and dale comes their cry, "Sue! Sue! Sue! Sue! Sue!"

But... it's for the DS. Surely they'd have had to clear it with Nintendo before releasing it on a Nintendo console.

Ah this story takes me back, I remember playing great Giana Sisters on my Amiga 500... Good times


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