Baseball Boss: The Fantasy Baseball Card Simulator

Baseball Boss: The Fantasy Baseball Card Simulator


Challenge Online Games has released Baseball Boss, a browser-based ballgame that's a cross between MLB and Magic: The Gathering.

Baseball is one of those games I never really got. The only English equivalent we had was Rounders, and that was one of those memories of frozen ground tearing up your legs as you slid in home.

Challenge Online Games hopes to change those memories by providing a Baseball game that combines card collecting, fantasy team picking and team management.

The Texas based game, released 2nd December, is an online strategy management that allows you to play historic or user created teams against some of Baseball's greats, right up to the legendary "Babe" Ruth. Each winning game gives you points to purchase new players and go from strength to strength; and with a licensing agreement from the MLB, all the players, teams and grounds are kept as up to date as you need them.

Challenge also offers Duels & Warstorm, which are your more usual fantasy hack/slash/fireball affairs.

For me, I think I'll try a pitch over home plate, because it's far warmer indoors. Step up to the plate here.

Image : Charles Schulz Museum


Rounders sounds close enough to baseball. It's certainly closer than cricket. But it's most decidedly a summertime sport, the date of the World Series notwithstanding.


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