DayZ Creator's Next Game Runs for the Hills

DayZ Creator's Next Game Runs for the Hills

Dean "Rocket" Hall talks about the future of DayZ and new ideas for a survival game.


Dean "Rocket" Hall's known for creating the popular survival game DayZ, and more recently, climbing the largest rock on the planet. In an interview with Rock Paper Shotgun, the game creator talked about how the climb into the outer reaches of the atmosphere helped clear his head: "I needed a break. I know Everest doesn't sound like time off for some people, but it gave me good perspective." Apparently, part of that perspective is that zombies are old hat, and climbing mountains is awesome. "Yeah, I am [getting tired of zombies]," Hall admitted. "That's why I'm doing a mountaineering game next."

In fact, his trip to Everest was mostly work-related in the first place. As he admits, "Yeah, [my next game] is one of the reasons I went... Mountain climbing's my next game, I think. I wrote a design while I was up there, but I need to get DayZ done first."

Yet, the leap from zombies to mountains seems like a logical one to Hall. As he told RPS, "I don't think DayZ's actually a zombie game, It's a survival game with zombies. I think there's room for us. We're really pushing into the survival aspect of it. I think that's what people want. The zombies are a good antagonist, so we're using them. But it's really a survival game."

In addition to this glimpse into the future, Hall also talked about his plans for DayZ. First, DayZ's evolving beyond the limits of it's Arma shell, and won't release for the upcoming Arma 3. Meanwhile, work continues apace on the stand alone version, and that's not something can be rushed. According to Hall, "it's much better to displease them by being late than displease them by making a shitty game."

Source: Rock Paper Shotgun


DayZ Creator's Next Game Runs for the Hills


According to Hall, "it's much better to displease them by being late than displease them by making a shitty game."


As eager as I am to play the DayZ standalone I really appreciate that he isn't going The WarZ on us. :)

*climbs a mountain* I'm going to make a mountaineering game! *scratches his ear* I'm going to make an ear scratching game! *watches a youtube video* I'm going to make a youtube watching game!

So basically if dayz is ever released it'll be about, OOH A SHINY! instead of about zombies?

I'm suprised he is still taking his time with DayZ, isn't he working solo on it? Even Notch had to draft in some help to get Minecraft finished and that took a while. Now he's cooking up a second game! It could be the beginning of next decades Duke Nukem Forever.

A mountaineering game does sound more interesting than zombie game #28379205 though


So basically if dayz is ever released it'll be about, OOH A SHINY! instead of about zombies?

funnily enough, I actually though this often playing DayZ.

Is it just me or does he sound kinda tired of DayZ?

What he says is true, though, at least from videos I've seen. At the game's highest tier, when you've scavenged some good equipment and gotten a dependable team together, the zombies are barely more than a mobile environmental hazard- it's other people who are the real danger. Which I've always felt was the point of the original zombie movies like Night of the Living Dead, before we all decided that there needed to be a lot more guns and guts.

No, he worked on the mod by himself. Since he also works for the Arma company, they decided to put him in charge of his own project and make it a full game. He does sound burnt-out, and that is never a good thing for a team lead. I am guessing that there are problems and he is finding the transition from individual straight to project lead (skipping team lead) to be a bit much.

"and won't release for the upcoming Arma 3."
Is that a comment about the timeline, or the engine? If it is the latter, then this might be a major setback.

At least he recognizes that Zombies are just an environmental factor that makes survival more difficult, instead of being the major factor like most other zombie games (which I consider to be failures). I just hope the gorilla-gallop was removed as Zombie animation...

Would be interesting to see a game that just had players and the environment as your enemy. You'd have to get food and maybe fuel, but beyond that it would just be surviving the other players. I think I like that idea. And yes, as has been mentioned, in most zombie shows it's the other living people who end up being the biggest threat in the end.

Excuse me sir, but the largest rock on the planet is Uluru.

That aside, looking forward to being able to cut other players' ropes.

That's a good motto at the end there. I'm quite curious to see what he does with the Mountaineering game. It sounds interesting, and at the very least I don't think it's been done before.


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