Xbox One's Launch Titles Include Dead Rising 3, Killer Instinct

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Steven Bogos:

In terms of the article, this is possibly the worst-written article I've ever seen. It's so biased and poorly phrased it could easily be a blog post. *sigh*

And to those mocking the post launch releases, there are a lot of exclusives, they just happen to also come out on PC. If you look at the PS4's exclusive lineup for launch and the first few months, half are indie or free to play that are already on PC.

For the best comparison of games (granted there are a few missing) I'd look at this infographic

Hey, thanks for the input. I appreciate all manner of constructive criticism. That's a really helpful infographic, thank you for that.

Heh, you're welcome. Although it wasn't very constructive.

I apologize for so much vitriol in such a short post, but it's been increasingly aggravating the amount of Xbox One hatred being openly thrown around for most times no apparent reason. In fact, I've had to escape to new sites to outrun biases and find meaningful discussion. (Polygon being one of them, Destructoid somewhat, and surprisingly pure tech sites like Ars Technica and Engadget have been quite enjoyable to discuss the 8th Generation.

If you really want to improve your writing, or at least gain a solid fanbase right now, try your best to be nonpartisan up through the console launch. It's so easy to capitalize on the anger from the more vocal gaming community and to capitalize on it. You may not gain as many fans as you would with witty remarks, but the people who do follow you will be extremely loyal if you're careful with your biases and do well playing devil's advocate, even if it seems stupid to do so.

Spark meaningful discussion, not nerdrage! :D


No problem! I will certainly look to that in the future. To be honest, i was actually a bit of an Xbox fanboy myself, having owned a 360 in the past, yet a lot of these new policies are just hitting me over and over in the wrong places. For starters, my country of residence (Japan) isn't even one of the 21 included in the launch, so i'm a bit bitter and it may have shown in my writing.

How the hell are Dead Rising 3, Killer Instinct and Ryse heavy hitting exclusives?


Well to be fair, no console ever had a decent Launch Line-Up and it probably won't be different with the PS4. The PS3 sucked balls the first 1-2 years, the PS2 didn't impress at first as well. Thats just the way it goes (and a reason why I still dare to count on the WiiU getting better games).

I would be sad about the loss of Dead Rising 3, but it looks like they killed the series. Which does indeed upset me, but it means that I lose absolutely nothing by staying with my PC.

Related note - Who the fuck decided Dead Rising needed a brown, gritty redesign? Dead Rising 2 solid in the millions. Sure, it had its niche, but it was basically unique in the Western AAA landscape. I'm getting sick of people doing this.

Also "The list is nothing to scoff at, bringing heavy hitting exclusives like... Ryse: Son of Rome"? Really? I thought we couldn't give a toss about Ryse: Son of Rome (Stupid name, by the way)?

Dead Rising 3 is the only one that irks me. But I'm hardly going to buy a console for that.

Day One:

Battlefield 4 - Pass
Call of Duty: Ghosts - Pass
Dead Rising 3 - Kind of interested
FIFA 14 - Pass
Forza Motorsport 5 - Pass
LocoCycle - Pass
Madden NFL 25 - Pass
Killer Instinct - Interested
Kinect Sports Rivals - Pass
Ryse: Son of Rome - Pass
Skylanders: Swap Force - Pass
Watch Dogs - Kind of interested

And here are the launch window titles, which will be available between Day 1 and the end of March 2014:

Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag - Pass
Just Dance 2014 - Pass
Minecraft: Xbox One Edition - Pass (Got it on PC and it can be modded and has proper servers so...)
NBA 2k14 - Pass
Need for Speed: Rivals - Pass
Powerstar Golf - Pass
Project Spark - Pass
The Crew - Pass
Titanfall - Interested
Wolfenstein: The New Order - Pass

22 games and I am only interested in two and vaguely interested in another two. I think for the time being I can keep my money. Although from what I am aware, the PS4 doesn't have much better, so I think my bank account will thank me.

Pretty weak sauce.

All of the titles I'm interested will be on PS4 or PC which means I won't have to shell out $500 on terrible DRM-box.

"Video game journalism" isn't even a serious form of journalism anyway. To quote Gabriel Morton (one of Yahtzee's friends) "video game journalism is like the retarded cousin of entertainment journalism." That and the fact that most journalism isn't bias free anyway. So some of the comments here strike me as pretty juvenile and naive.

Shame about DR3 and that ryse game actually looks somewhat cool although all the screen shots all look prerendered cutscenes and not actual gameplay.

The only thing that seems interesting to me is Watch Dogs but I prefer to get that on PC, so thank you MS.

I'm surprised there are no RPG titles on the list, what happened to the gaming industry =(

Not surprising but most of the launch titles are sports games, and one kinect sport game. The only two I'm interested in are multiplatform, BF4 and AC IV. Tragic Xbox. Just tragic.

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