Microsoft "Has Alienated" the U.S. Military With Xbox One

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I have to give them credit I really do, I mean do you know how hard it is to single handedly piss off every military in the world at the same time? America as a country hasn't even managed that and we've done some seriously fucked up things and at least some people will admit we have. Microsoft on the other hand is blindly pushing forward thinking that they'll make up the lost sales with all this online crap but they won't because this isn't a few people going to another console, from all the outrage this is shaping up to be a mass exodus. Someone else said it in an earlier post that they'll lose 50% of their current users and that's only if everyone that has connected their 360 to the internet buys one. Which is so not happening if this keeps up and this many people don't buy an xbox that's the death knell right there.

I'm so excited.

Mr. Q:
I'm willing to bet Major Nelson of Microsoft will make a douche-bag comment to our armed forces on this latest issue with the Xbone. And the military will reply with either a nuclear strike on Microsoft HQ or send in Seal Team Six to take them out.

Ugh the thought of someone who takes the moniker "major" crapping all of the military makes my skin crawl. Talk about an opportunist hypocrite.

I spent 11 years in the NAVY and I used to rarely go online with my consoles, only when I was at home would I go online. So to me even Xbox Life was useless, why pay for something I'd use 3 months a year; specially when those 3 months were mostly spent drunk and enjoying failing at making kids

I can't imagine even considering buying an xbone if I was still in the service

While I dislike a lot of the unnecessary restrictions Microsoft has built into their console the military market is overall pretty small and hopefully service men and women will buy a PS4, since they will be able to play that offline.

In other news, Microsoft has decided to ban the sale and use of the Xbone to anyone who is considered mentally unstable, where the definition of mentally unstable is anyone who wishes to purchase or use the Xbone.

Will be the same for the Merchant Navy and Offshore industries as well due to you getting a limited internet allowance at best and no internet at worst.

Nobody really cares about them in America, though. SUPPORT THE TROOPS!


"There was a person who said, 'Hey, I'm on a nuclear sub.' I don't even know what it means to be on a nuclear sub, but I've got to imagine it's not easy to get an Internet connection," said Don Mattrick, president of Microsoft's Interactive Entertainment division.

It means you're on a submarine that is nuclear powered.

It means more then that. The Sub-Mariners are an elite branch of the US Navy. They are under so much more stress and their work is significantly harder then regular Navy personnel. I was not Navy, but I know the stories.

Microsoft really did it this time. I know the large percentage of soldiers had an Xbox (or at least access to one, many soldiers would share). I would wager that next console cycle the PS4 will be in every barrack. The price also helps because soldiers, expect to have their stuff destroyed, usually by the elements (Sand and electronics do not mix well).

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