Smash Bros. Director Is Stressed Out Deciding The Roster

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Am I one of the only people excited to hear him say "We're rebuilding the characters from the ground up?" I mean, that sounds awesome o.o Some nice new moves for every character would be great!~

I actually had a feeling about this, cause in the trailer you see Pit do maybe 1 attack, using a weapon from Kid Icarus Uprising called the Upperdash Arm. I realized they must be re-doing his moveset to better suit the game he's from. If that's going on, why not for other characters too? Looking forward to it~

Poor Sakurai, he has one of the hardest jobs a developer could have. Just to add to the conversation, I'm going to assume that any characters who have been around for more than one Smash Bros. game will probably stay. For example, Mr. Game and Watch will most likely stay since he obviously returned for Brawl. I am worried that this game will have less characters than Brawl though, if I had my way there would be at least 50 fighters, I won't hold my breath of course.

Even though Jigglypuff is a long time veteran, I really wish she would be replaced, there so many better Pokemon they could use.

Add bald bull or super macho man from punchout. Then have either of them try an counter falcon "PANCH". Game = worth it.

Not sure why so many people hate ROB. I think he's one of the most fun characters to play as.

OT: If he really feels that bad? Have the cut characters return as DLC if people want them bad enough. There. Stress problem solved. Now as far as a character being cut that I wouldn't miss.....King Dedede.

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