Hotline Miami 2 Gets Buckets Of Blood Wrong Number Teaser

Hotline Miami 2 Gets Buckets Of Blood Wrong Number Teaser

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Hotline Miami 2, the DLC that decided it wanted to be a standalone release instead, has a new Wrong Number teaser trailer. It features all the blood and guts you've come to expect from this top-down retro shooter, plus a glimpse of the characters you'll be playing. "Step into the murderous mind of several distinct characters," the developers promise, "each with their own motivations and methods of execution, as storylines intersect and reality slips away into a haze of neon and carnage."

The developer's still being coy about a release date. It's allegedly coming to PC, Mac and Linux in 2013, but as to exactly when, you'll get nothing from Devolver Digital. The original Hotline Miami was an ultraviolent, crazed 1980s style kill-a-thon, and judging by the teaser this one is just as nutty as its forebear. Billed as "a gruesome conclusion to the gruesome saga," Wrong Number has you play as one of several characters slicing your way through several factions first encountered in the previous game. The original's difficulty is best described as brutal, and by the look of things this one is just as challenging.

Any time now, Devolver Digital ... any time.

Source: Devolver Digital YouTube


PC, Mac, and Linus? Do any of the other Peanuts gang members act of an operating system? :)

The first Hotline Miami was all sorts of bizarre until you figure out what it's getting at. Crazy hard but crazy fun. I loved the 80's vibe and the soundtrack. If this new one brings more of the same, I'll be happy with that.

Pretty excited about this myself!

Hotline Miami was a game I originally passed up because, coming out at the same time as Retro City Rampage, I thought it was banking on old school design just for the sake of being retro. Few months later and it quickly became one of my favorite games of the year, with arguably the best soundtrack as well

Hopefully this game won't disappoint, and more than anything I'm looking forward to the supposed level editor that's being rumored to come with the game. I have a few ideas kicking around on my own, and I imagine this is the type of game that could have a very strong and long lasting mod community

Looking forward to a bit of 80s drug fueld slaughter.

Im hoping the whole russian gangsters taking over usa storyline won't be continued though :/ Or that its a delusion of the characters who invented that plot up to justify their killing sprees.


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