Witcher 3 Dev Creates Semi-Official Witcher 2 Mod

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This reminds me of when J.E. Sawyer released an unofficial patch for New Vegas.

Ok here is another link if the original side still doesn't work.

So how does this mod compare to:

Okay guys, this is the difference between games as a product and games as art.

This is people being so proud of their work they go home, on their own time, with no request from their boss and IMPROVE the thing. Oh, and it's free for consumers.

I'm starting to have second thoughts about CDPR, I'm thinking they're trying TOO hard to be seen as the best developer and producer of games on the planet.

To be fair, other developers' employees have occasionally done this, as well. Obsidian's J.E. Sawyer made a mod similar to this for its Fallout: New Vegas, and I think a Creative Assembly did the same thing for a mod for Medieval 2, (the Retrofit mod, I think it was?).

(edit) I see at least one other user beat me to mentioning J.E. Sawyer's mod, two posts above...

This mod is buggy to fuck and bad, really, really bad. In my opinion of course. Philippa Eilharts head is also gone with this mod for some reason.

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