Final Fantasy XIV Beta Begins This Weekend For PC, PS3

Final Fantasy XIV Beta Begins This Weekend For PC, PS3

Final Fantasy XIV

The latest beta test will also include cross-platform play.

The original launch of Square Enix's MMO Final Fantasy XIV went pretty badly. Badly enough that, according to game director Naoki Yoshida, another mishap like that could destroy the company. That's why they've decided to rework the game from the ground up, adding the A Realm Reborn moniker to the title and relaunching it this fall. While it's been in closed beta testing for a while now, a third beta is starting this weekend for PC and PS3 players.

This will be the third beta for A Realm Reborn and will focus on cross-platform play. That's right, both PS3 and PC players will adventure together on the same server. Interested players can sign up here. The beta will run for this weekend only, until Sunday at 10:00 am BST.

Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn will completely overhaul the game, from the interface, combat and crafting systems, to the class system. More than just a patch, it aims to play substantially differently, while still keeping that Final Fantasy vibe. Newly added are the Full Active Timed Events, or FATEs, which are special, group events that function similarly to other events in Rift or Guild Wars 2. Nick Lalone over at Warcry has all the blow-by-blow details for those interested in more.

Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn launches on both PC and PS3 August 27th.

Source: Square Enix via Polygon


Unfortunately in the application, the regional drop down doesn't have any allocation for the United States, North America, America or any other variation. I don't know if that means all the slots are filled or of if we've just been left off over here, but all the best to everyone else able to get in.

I was in the last test, its not so bad but the true mark of a MMO geting on my nerves is more like in the 10th hour more than the 5th.Also you can not really make customized character classes by mixing and matching what you want so I doubt I will play it anymore. Tho I will play the beta if offered.

Hmm, PC and PS3 on the same server. heh, if theres PvP, console players are fucked.

I may give it a go on my pc.

Neppakyo, when you are capable of it, please roll on Excalibur. I would like to prove to you how intuitive the Controller set up is.

Granted, I still use a keyboard for certain menu shortcuts, but you'd be surprised how well the controller works for this game.

It's also kind of balanced around controller too, so keyboards don't have as much of an advantage.

Hmm, PC and PS3 on the same server. heh, if theres PvP, console players are fucked.

I may give it a go on my pc.

If it's anything like FFXI (which I'm playing right this second) then using a controller is a perfectly fine option. Keyboard is also ok, which is what I prefer using (mostly for typing ease) and if you're using a mouse for FFXI you're doing it wrong.

Even in PVP you'll see zero difference between a keyboard and a controller, this isn't one of those "ability every .2 seconds" kinds of games. Also you "autoface" your enemy if you have lock on which means just have to tap the movement ever so slightly in any direction and bam insta facing enemy. Only class that really needs to hit from behind is a Thief and that's every minute (50 seconds with bonuses) so there's no loss there.

I'm all for the usual k/m vs controller pissing contest, but not in this game.

I hate to be 'that guy', but phase 3 testing actually started last week. You're a week late to the party. Just sayin'.


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