Video Games Live Concert Series Announces New Shows

Video Games Live Concert Series Announces New Shows

The Video Games Live summer tour will bring great game music to China, Brazil, Dubai, Mexico and numerous venues across the United States.

The Video Games Live concert series debuted in 2005, bringing music from games like BioShock, Halo, Skyrim, Metal Gear Solid, Myst and many others to audiences around the world, performed by local musicians and orchestras. This summer, it will hold more than 30 shows that will take it to venues both old and new.

Highlights of this year's tour include a performance with the Houston Symphony to celebrate its 100th anniversary, the first-ever show in Orange County, California with the orchestra that recorded the Diablo 3 soundtrack, two shows with the Grammy-award-winning San Francisco Symphony and a free show during the San Diego Comic Con sponsored by Amazon and Ubisoft which will feature "15 very special game composer guests from around the world."

Internationally, Video Games Live will perform two shows in Shanghai and Beijing featuring the music of Blizzard Entertainment (you've heard of them, right?), a show with the United Arab Emirates National Symphony at the Dubai World Trade Center and a "massive" tour across Latin America, with stops in Chile, Brazil, Peru, Argentina and Mexico.

Video Games Live also plans to launch a Kickstarter in early July that will fund its next project, with multiple tiers for backers ranging from exclusive game music to signed sheet music, "hang out sessions" with composers and even a Video Games Live show in your own community, although I imagine that won't come cheaply.

The Video Games Live summer tour begins on June 29 in Omaha, Nebraska and wraps up its U.S. leg on July 26 in San Francisco before jetting off to China. A full schedule of tour dates, plus links to tickets and other information, can be found at


Omaha is not TOO far from where I live... I saw them in 2006 in Indianapolis, and then again two years ago both times for Gencon. they were awesome.

I saw them when they came to Edmonton, it was an amazing experience. I was so ecstatic when they started playing the theme from Journey, I nearly squee'd like a little fan girl.

I'm interested in this Kickstarter though. I wonder what it's going to be for.

I've seen Video Games Live twice and both times were absolutely kickass. My father came with me to one of the showings, and even he was extremely impressed with the show. I strongly urge anyone with even the slightest hint of musical appreciation to go see the nearest showing.

Wait, during Comic Con? Free? Where and when?!

I first saw it during Comic Con 2006, but the usual "nerd concert" slot (Thursday night, first day of con) this year is already taken up with the next Distant Worlds: Music from Final Fantasy...

I saw the show in Los Angeles back in 2008, and I loved it, good to know it's still going strong and spreading to new venues. I wish I could go to another one soon, I recommend anyone to go see it. Their Zelda main theme was spectacular to hear live.


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