Minecon 2013 Impales Orlando This November

Minecon 2013 Impales Orlando This November

Mojang has revealed the dates and location of the next Minecon conference in the most metal way possible: By stabbing the planet Earth.

Okay, technically it was just a globe, but according to that video embedded at top-right, the folks at Mojang (publisher of indie hit Minecraft) have turned to edge weapons for guidance on where to hold this year's incarnation of the Minecraft fan convention. This problem was quickly solved with a single stabbing motion, and once the dust settled it was determined that Minecon 2013 will take place in Orlando, Florida on November 2 and 3, 2013.

Why Orlando and not, say, anywhere else on the planet? Pure, dumb luck, it seems. Minecraft boasts a legitimately international fanbase so no matter where Mojang opted to hold the event some people would be left out. In an effort to make the covention as accessible as possible the firm has been hosting the thing in various locations around the world (2011 saw Minecon in Las Vegas, while the 2012 edition took place in Paris, France), and as the sword decreed, this year will see Minecon attendees enjoying the sun, sand and utter existential weirdness of Central Florida.

Tickets for Minecon 2013 have yet to go on sale to the public, but Mojang claims that they will become available very soon. Specifically, at some as-yet-undetermined point in July. We'll bring you more on that once Mojang serves up further details. In the meanwhile, those of you hoping to attend should start saving your pennies for airfare, and maybe invest in some strong bug repellant. I've been to Florida, and the insects down there are straight out of Michael Crichton's worst nightmares.

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They used a sword and not a pickaxe? Opportunity missed :(

Earnest Cavalli:
Minecon 2013 Impales Orlando This November

Well I suppose that's one way of making sure he doesn't make another Pirates of the Caribbean movie.

How much money do they have to make before they're no longer considered "indie?"

How much money do they have to make before they're no longer considered "indie?"

I don't think Mojang have been considered "indie" for a while now.

Guess that's what happens when your first game sells 11 million copies.

I live in West Palm Beach (just a few hours south of Orlando), so this is awesome.


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