Xbox President Don Mattrick Leaving For Zynga - UPDATED

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This reeks of Onion level parody.

I've got a feeling he's jumping before he got pushed. He's got to have had it coming from the moment he said "hey you can buy a 360" Hopefully Steve Ballmer will find his way to the exit soon as well!

Im shocked that EA were considering head hunting him.

Yes, because why would EA possibly want to hire a guy to be in charge that is willing to sell people spy camera's as product to spy on them in their own home?

Why would a game publisher that tries to force always online into everything for DRM purposes possibly want to hire a guy that tried to force an entire console generation into always online?

Why would a game publisher that tries to stop used game resale's with a code system (which for the time being at least has been stopped) possibly want to hire a guy that tried to completely remove used games from a an entire console generation?

Why would a game publisher that forces mini add's on the menu pages of their games possibly want to hire a guy that during his reign turned the original Xbox Live from a 2 banner add dashboard to advertisers wet dream?

He must look like fucking Jesus to EA.

He is EA's corporate polices given flesh.

Ga ha ha ha... no.

Just no. It's too on-the-nose. Public face of a beleaguered console departing to run a failing company with a nearly equally acrimonious, if smaller-scale, record?

I don't buy it. This is the game equivalent of an Onion headline.

Why is everyone assuming that Don Mattrick chose to leave? Executives from large corporations don't get laid off or let go, they "change positions". More than likely after the major gaffe by Mr. Mattrick Microsoft decided to either give him a demotion or let him go, whereupon Don Mattrick secured a precarious position as the CEO of a struggling social game company being outpaced by mobile competitors and a shrinking Facebook gaming audience.

Irregardless, good riddance. He undersold everything good about the Xbox One, and has caused nothing but trouble for his peers who have repeatedly had to cover his a**.

Wait guys, this makes perfect sense.

All those stupid comments and decisions to do with the Xbone, all the backlash at Microsoft, it's all been a plan to try and discredit consoles and hardcore gaming in an attempt to push everyone over to casual gaming. Just in time for Don to jump ship.

It's an inside job! No one is safe!

Ah! It all becomes clear now! The whole XBox 180 thing was a conspiracy to destroy console gaming and force us all over to the side of cash shop Facebook games. Farmville4EVAH!!!!

No serriously, my money is on "he knows his days are numbered and he has a friend at Zynga who owes him a favor". or simply Zynga is the only game company that he didn't have any direct contact with and hence did not piss off.

... HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!! Oh god, I can't, it's just.. AAAAAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!! If this turns out to be true, it'll make my freaking month. This whole debacle with Mattrick and the Xbone has been just hilarious, but this is just icing on the top.. Ohhh man *Wipes away tear*. Thanks for making my day even better Escapist.. Phew.

Why is everyone assuming that Don Mattrick chose to leave?

Yeah I would expect he is being forced out, because people on his level have tend to have a non-compete clause.

So in order for him to be hired by ether Zanga or EA that clause would need to be waved by Microsoft (because technically "Microsoft Studios" which report to his company is also a games publisher, so they are competing).

Which companies do tend to wave when they fire people (because it would hurt the company in legal battle if he started one). The clause is more to stop people quitting.

Daystar Clarion:
Did he decide that he really enjoys fucking up and joined the most fuckingest up game company in the industry?

I think after having tried to screw people under the pretense of service, he's decided to throw caution to the wind and move to openly screwing at all screwable opportunities.

Alternatively, he is desperate to see his name attached to something else than that picture.

Captcha: words of wisdom... rofl.

RIP Zynga

It's an inside job! No one is safe!

No, you're confusing this with Phil Harrison, former director of Playstation Division, current higher up of Xbox...

Wouldn't you love to hear the conversations that have been happening over at Redmond? If you want to play the game of consoles, you win or you die.

Hypothetically...(it is just a rumor)

It's like a jilted cocaine dealer moving his operation.
Nobody wanted to buy his overpriced cuts in uptown so he's going across the river to peddle to the ghetto.

Or to translate my tortured analogy: I guess when the market rejected his bullshit DRM schemes on the Xbone, he threw a fit and is going to a company who is already infamous for being complete bullshit schemers.

I'd wish him the best of luck in his future endeavors, but I want Zynga to burn so badly that I cannot.
(Unless his endeavor is to destroy Zynga, utterly, from within. In which case I wish him all the luck there ever was.)

First Sinofsky, and now Mattrick. What's with major players in MS leaving in the vicinity of major releases?

Good, stash his idiocy away in the realm of casual games, those are already shit, nothing he does could make them any worse. It just fits for him to work for them, and it puts him outside the area of any actual good games.

I believe the saying is 'like a rat leaving a sinking ship'. Too bad he jumped to another sinking ship. This just seems to be going horrendously.

EA would be a bad idea. Zynga would be perfect for him. After all, no one bats an eyelash over Zynga's douche baggery these days.

Andy Shandy:

Oh man, of all the places to jump ship to.

It's like jumping out of the frying pan into a giant pile of radioactive shit. That is also on fire. And about to crash into an iceberg.

It doesn't matter. US execs only thing about short term gains, he's gonna make bank if he makes the jump. CEOs can destroy corporations and jump ship with a golden parachute to the next corporation.

Good! Now put an ACTUAL gamer/programmer/business man in charge and lets make shit happen.

Well I think this is a sign that, if true, Mattrick doesn't have a clue about the current gaming industry. Maybe Zynga was his second choice after that lucrative position as CEO of Nokias N-Gage division?

What was the signing bonus? The promise to be able to embezzle anything left after the current Zynga staff were finished?



I literally cried reading this. Tears of laughter.

This is video games equivalent of Will Smith turning down the role of Django to personally seek out M. Night Shayamalan to write and direct a movie for his son to star in.

This is absolutely ridiculous.

The only thing good about this for Mattrick is if the Xbox One flops he'll be on a different ship. A still sinking ship, but a different ship either way.

So an asshole might be leaving a company prone to assholery, to go to another company prone to assholery, whilst another company prone to assholery was looking at hiring him?

This really explains a lot about why these companies behave like assholes.

I wonder if this constitutes failing upward?

Darth Sea Bass:
I've got a feeling he's jumping before he got pushed. He's got to have had it coming from the moment he said "hey you can buy a 360" Hopefully Steve Ballmer will find his way to the exit soon as well!

to his credit though, Mr. Ballmer doesn't go out and essentially say "I FUCKING HATE YOU, CUSTOMERS!", but he does get excited.

god damn does he get excited.

yes, you know what is coming, shhh, it will be over soon:

OT: So, now Mr. Mattrick can have his always online requirement AND have customers that hate him!

Everything's coming up Mattrick!

So he's jumping from a sinking Titanic to a little dingy with a hole on the bottom? Unless I'm missing something here...I thought Zynga was hated by all and doing terribly.

Well goodbye Matty. Nuclear submarine gamers everywhere will forever thank you for your purchasing advice.

I was smiling just reading the comments, thinking it was just a rumour so I shouldn't get my hopes up. Now, with that confirmation and update, I can finally laugh out loud. XD

This seems like he's jumping off a sinking ship (he steered into the rocks) in favor of a nearby submarine with a screen door. At least he left voluntarily so he won't get a golden parachute.

0.0 wow just wow I didn't see that coming it's like something out of a nightmare all the Xbone shit fused with Zynga..... *slow clap*

Zynga and him saw the evil in eachother and joined hands to copulate and deliver the anti-christ.

Still a better romance story than Twilight.

his appetite for self destruction seems to be quite impressive.

In just have no idea...

Why would Zynga hire this PR disaster?
As if Zynga isn't already good enough to generate its own bad PR, they need to bring in this guy?

Oh god, it's confirmed...





I don't buy it. This is the game equivalent of an Onion headline.

This reeks of Onion level parody.

What's the phrase about life being stranger than fiction...? Well, this is that; It's now confirmed.

For executives who don't have access to good PR connections, Microsoft already has a really good option and it's called the door, bye Don!

First Sinofsky, and now Mattrick. What's with major players in MS leaving in the vicinity of major releases?

The Pre-order numbers situation (ie, the crushing dominance of Sony) probably has Steve Ballmer spitting blood, he may be reminding a number of people that they absolutely can fail before their product's even released and that no, they are not immune to consequences.

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