Pokemon X and Y Trailer Shows Off New Features

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Even though this was basically the E3 Nintendo direct trailer, I'm still pretty excited for this game.


OT: I skipped a few generations because I started to lose motivation during Pearl, but this game looks different enough to get me back into Pokemon.

I would really recommend the Gen V games, the ones that it sounds like you skipped. For me they brought some much needed freshness back into the series, and despite what a lot of people say, it has lots of great Pokemon designs and an interesting story too.



One beauty of the game is that you don't need to understand the deeper mechanics while playing solo. You don't need to know EVs and IVs (EV training got improved in Gen 5 [after the major overwork in gen 3], breeding for IVs is done better). You can read up on the happiness mechanic (though there are indicators how much your Pokemon likes you - this is a way to determine how many steps you still need). There are ways to artificially increase it.

In gen 4 came the big seperation of special and physical moves. In emerald you had that one type was only of physical or special type. This changed in gen 4 which made many Pokes better / rebalanced older Pokemon.

I can work out a list of when what changed, it is a lot of work since you don't see many of the changes by playing the games in order (but by replaying after you played gen 4 or 5).

Prehaps emphasising you intial comment about not needing to understand the deeper mechanics, but what are EV and IVs?

Ev's are effort values, they're points each pokemon are assigned and you gain them when you battle that pokemon. For example patrat has an attack EV value of one. When a pokemon in your party battles patrat they gain one attack ev. When they gain 4 attack EVs their attack stat goes up by one. Vitamins like calcium and protien raise the relevant EV value by 10, but cap out at 100. Basically its a system that ensures your pokemon get better via battle than they would if you just stuffed them with rare candies until level 100. In the solo game it's just a nice little boost to your stats as you play through. Competitve players use them in order to build very specialized teams (for example a pokemon like Mew that has similar base stats for all its stats can be built into a tank, speedster, sweeper, etc based on EVs).

IVs are trickier, they're an inborn value given to a pokemon's stats the moment you catch them. The highest an IV can be is 31, and I might be wrong about this but they're essentially more extra stat points. Mostly ignored by casual players, competitive players like to breed perfect 31's across the board to give them an edge against other players. A lot of people like to make this out to be harder than it actually is.


Prehaps emphasising you intial comment about not needing to understand the deeper mechanics, but what are EV and IVs?

IV = Individual value. Each single Pokemon is generated with a set number on each stat (IV) that ranges between 0 and 31 and it does what it implies: Increase the maximum this stat can reach. It can be passed down through breeding (though it is quite a pain to breed a Poke with perfect IVs).

EV = Effort value. Each time you defeat a Pokemon in the wild it can give you a certain amount of EVs on one or two stats. 4 EVs = 1 additional point on that stat on max lvl. The EV gain per stat maxes out at 255 if I'm not mistaken (anything beyond 252 does not add anything) and you have a maximum of 510 EVs that you can gather on a single Pokemon.

Then there are natures (+10% on a certain stat for the cost of 10% points from another stat, there is a combination for each of the stats aside from HP and 5 natures that do nothing) which can determine the final stat value your Pokemon has.

Those three things are used to breed Pokemon for a certain position in Pokemon battles (attackers, walls, utility Pokes).

And in the end, that one Pidgey you find is nearly never the same as the next Pidgey.


Steven Bogos:
...which has been using 2D sprites since it's inception.

Now, I haven't seen the movie, but I'm pretty sure Pokemon isn't Inception.
Why is it that most escapists don't know the difference between "it's" and "its"?

No, it's fine. It's is a contraction for "it is" here in the States. It's odd, but that's our English for you.

(Not that I agree with this as I like and prefer a lot of British conventions when it comes to English, but I'm unsure how that's handled over there.)

OT- Alright Nintendo, you have won next generation for me. Can I save my money now? I've got this and Lost World(s) to pick up when they're released.


Why is it that most escapists don't know the difference between "it's" and "its"?

It's because we're constantly being "corrected" that an apostrophe denotes possession.
Bird's wings = the wings of a bird. Fish's scales = the scales of a fish. Flower's petals = the petals of a flower. It's inception = the inception of an "it".

That's where the confusion comes from when the only time an apostrophe can't be used to denote possession is when the thing doing the possession is an "it".

When the possessing word is an "it" the apostrophe shouldn't be used, in that case "it's" can only be used as a contraction of "it is".

I guess it's time for me to finally buy a 3DS. These games are going to be awesome. I now have a cute little function to feed and pet my pokemon. <3

I just hope I can get my cute little Eevee without having to use some online shenanigans.

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