Rejected Xbox Names Revealed in List

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Steven Bogos:

They are just releasing this so they can say "See you think our name is stupid but it could of been so much worse!". I honestly doubt any of that list was ever considered.

TL;DR List is fake, released to make the decision to name it Xbox One seem intelligent.

This isn't for the Xbox One, its for the original Xbox (confusing, i know)

Hey! Let's quote the guy with the exact same response 10 times in the same thread.


Even then, he's still correct. XBox One is a terrible name and this is probably a smokescreen to try and make us stop calling it the XBone or the XBox One Eighty. And if Beyonce at the Superbowl taught us, asking people to stop calling you something or using an unflattering picture of you only makes them do it more.


Sorry I got confused, I thought they were talking about the Xbox one, not the Xbox, as in the er first xbox. Gods that is confusingly stupid.

Considering the 2nd name is "AIO - All in One", which is the phrase they now use for the XBone, I can't say I blame you. Now we know where that crappy phrase came from, and shows how old it is too :-/

I know this is about the first xbox (can't call it xbox 1), but now it makes me wonder if the "one" stands for something in the

I like the MIND myself. That just sounds cool.

I like M.A.X.

It sounds so damn '90s' to me.


I wonder if they made up this list just to make Xbox One sound good by comparison. All those acronyms are horrible. Are they telling us they could only thing of ONE name that didn't totally suck?

Yeah, when you think it cant get worse...." AIO (All In One)" imagine having to say that in a covnersation. Xboxaio....

I think the Myth was actually a decent name. not for what it represents, but Xbox Myth kinda sounds alright. much better than Xbone at least. they coudl even run a whole marketing campaign about it being mythical.

I mean, everyone acknowledged Wii was a dumb name when it was first unveiled, but you accept it and move on. I knew a girl who was actually named Star Power, which was an incredibly cruel joke by her parents, but you know what? Growing up, nobody even seemed to realize it was odd, because we were familiar with it.

Xbox remains a dumb name that came years too late to even be timely, but we accept it because with time we stop seeing the name, and instead what it represents: the product, the person, the _____.

Wii is still a dumb name. and so is 360 really. Xbox at least made sense. it was a DirectX (engine) box. shortened to X Box, or Xbox.

Simple Bluff:
That's odd - they're all acronyms. Was it fashionable to do that back then or something? Most of the don't even make sense; the Odyssey of the Mind? The FACE? What?

Xbox is an acronym, sort of. DirectX Box.

Does anyone find it a bit spooky that one of their original suggestions was 'three, six, zero'?

yeah i didnt miss that one, was like "the hell?"

I look at the list and think surely XON (Experience Optimised Network) would be better using the E instead of the xtreme version so we have EON then bung xbox in front of that and you get XBox EON.

we already have a lot of eons
we even got a magazine called EON..... would cause confusion.

Scars Unseen:
Let's see if we can beat that. I'll start.

-COCK (Community Oriented Creativity Kit)

"Hey Billy, can I cover over and play with your COCK?"

"Sorry, bro. My COCK's got the red ring of death, so I'm waiting for a new one."

the bolded misspellnig made this ten times funnier.

P.S. capcha: Who you gonna call?
Microsoft marketing department....

id wish they had named it P2...o the brand confusion there would have been EPIC lol

I love how they've all got recurring words like 'play', 'interactive' and 'all in one' except for the "OM".

Now I just have this image of a boardroom full of suits spouting these crappy acronyms, with one high-as-balls businessman in the corner going "Wait! I have it! The OM: Odyssey of the Mind!"

Kinda wish they'd called it that now.

Seems like it may be fake if it's referring to the original Xbox. AIO (All In One) and TS0 (Three Six Zero) refer to consoles 2 generations later. So either he's made it up and not realized or Microsoft saved those names and didn't bother brainstorming new ones.

Both could be true...

Those acronyms reminded me of a guy who named his camera "DAVID": Digital Audio-Video Input Device. Clever, but way too generic and literal.

Reminds me of some of those terrible names from the 1950's for cars.

For example, this little list from: are a selection of the names Ford had suggested for the Edsel.

Ha, I remember seeing that list a while back. I don't think any of them were actual serious suggestions; they were the result of random brainstorming. That said, "Pastelogram" (possibly with two L's) and "Symmechromatic" are begging to be used by something, somewhere. Just... not a car. Never, ever a car.

I think going with the "MAX" as in "Xbox Max" would be been better than Xbox One, not much better but still.

Holy crap I can't stop laughing. The MAX? The FACE?! Haha, what the hell, Microsoft?

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