Kingdom Hearts III Director Eyes Star Wars Characters

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Kingdom Hearts III Director Eyes Star Wars Characters

Kingdom Hearts promo art

Tetsuya Nomura would love to add iconic Star Wars characters to the Kingdom Hearts universe, if only Disney would let him.

Kingdom Hearts lives and dies on the strength of the characters it can attract. Yes, the franchise has spawned original entities, but the real draw of the series has always been in the Disney and Final Fantasy characters it features. Sephiroth throwing down against Donald Duck? Yeah, that's totally a thing in Kingdom Hearts, and this onslaught of beloved properties has made the franchise one of the most beloved among Square Enix properties.

If any one thing could automatically boost Kingdom Hearts' inherent appeal, it would be new iconic characters. Fortunately, Disney recently acquired both Marvel Comics and Lucasfilm. It's a silly question to ask Kingdom Hearts director Tetsuya Nomura if he has interest in Lucasfilm's Star Wars characters (because of course he does), yet a French Final Fantasy fansite called "Finaland" recently did just that.

"... we've been talking about Star Wars itself since it became Disney's content recently," Nomura states.

"When I heard the news I was like 'Wow! Wow!' Obviously it's gonna be great if we could add it, but like I said, there are a lot of restrictions and rules by Disney so we don't know what's gonna happen, but yeah, we'll see," he adds.

Is this a guarantee that Kingdom Hearts IV will star Darth Vader, Han Solo and Boba Fett? Not at all. Far from it. Nomura is interested in the idea, and the premise of Kingdom Hearts could allow for the integration of Star Wars characters, but as was stated above, Disney is very protective of its intellectual property - especially those properties as exceedingly valuable as Star Wars.

Nomura would likely have to present a convincing plan to the heads of Disney that outlines exactly how the Star Wars characters would be included in Kingdom Hearts, and why any of this might be a lucrative concept. Then again, this is Star Wars characters meeting and fighting alongside figures from Disney and Square Enix. If that isn't a recipe for comically huge bags of cash, I don't know what is.

Source: Siliconera


Please dear god, let this happen. Amen.

I would love to have Jar-Jar as a playable character, if he's in it I'll get the game no matter how it turns out.

YES. Oh my god, YES. Squenix, if we get to play through A New Hope and get a lightsaber keyblade, all is forgiven.

I've had my fingers crossed for this since the Lucasfilm acquisition

Lightsaber Keyblade. Want

They have Marvel too...

All I'm saying is that Super Hero Squad already looks like it would be at home in the KH Universe.

I loved the PS2 Kingdom Hearts games, I never got all the way through any of the others.

Star Wars? I have to admit it might be kinda really cool to battle Darth Vader.

And the possibilities of Marvel characters? I think some of my earliest crushes on fictional characters were on Logan and Gambit and Rogue, although I kinda more idolised than crushed on her. And now I totally love Thor and Captain America. Oh, it would be lovely if any of the characters make it in that they were voiced by their current actors. Chris and Chris. Yum.

Really looking forward to this game.

Hmm... Never played KH games but thinking about Darth Vader coersing Sora(?) Guffy and Donald to join the dark side makes me approvably chuckle.

To hell with star wars, I demand a Gravity Falls level.

I don't see why not Kingdom Hearts takes place in galaxy that has an unknown amount of Disney worlds on it and few Square Enix worlds that are combination of Final Fantasy and original characters, these worlds are then all separated by magical space barriers ... well when everything's OK anyway.

So you could easily have a fleet of Star Wars ships accidentally go through a wormhole and end up in the Kingdom Hearts Galaxy or have Sora accidentally go through a wormhole and crash into a popular Star Wars world in the Star Wars galaxy.

Hell Sidious can create wormholes and if anyone was ever going to be the one true Master of the Heartless he's got my vote easy.

I'm no huge fan of KH. But I can get behind the idea of Celes, Spider-Man, Agent 47, Adam Jensen, and Han Solo in the same game.

Eh I don't know, Kingdom Hearts already has enough weird tonal shifts because of the many different universes. But I guess it would be cool if they could pull it off.

Maybe they can retell the Prequel stories. and actually make it good... Pipe dream I know. Honestly though I'd rather see the Original cast and everything, maybe the whole New Hope in Kingdom Hearts form.

Concept of the idea is incredible. Lightsaber fights with keyblades.

P.S. the game is 3, not 4. check your Roman Numerals.

Is this a guarantee that Kingdom Hearts IV will star Darth Vader, Han Solo and Boba Fett?

To hell with star wars, I demand a Gravity Falls level.

"No Dipper. I AM YOUR FATHER!"

Is it just me or should they go for 'game characters' like Kyle Katarn? It'd be a lot easier to get the licensing from Disney as he's not in the core set, but most SW fans will still love/have heard of him. I guess not being a movie icon for the masses hurts his chances though :(

When I saw the thread title, I just started laughing maniacally. With a hint of sadness and bitterness from the whole ordeal.

I squeed when I read this. Not a huge fan of Star Wars but with much of the franchise, it's just silly and campy enough
to fit in with Kingdom Hearts. Hell, I think it fits in better than Pirates of the Caribbean.

Lightsaber keyblade. PLEASE let this be a thing!

They have Marvel too...

All I'm saying is that Super Hero Squad already looks like it would be at home in the KH Universe.

Hulk and Yoda vs the entire KH world. Go Team Green!

I would be suprised if they don't include Star Wars to some degree, Darth Vader would fit in well with the other baddies whilst not just being 'Generic bad guy number 84' for Sora and co to pummel until he bleeds Munny. Force powers could make for interesting boss battles.

If Pirates of the Caribbean got itself a world in KH, I'm sure they can pull off Star Wars.

I mean think about it, Lightsaber Keyblade how cool would that be?

It's good to know I wasn't the only person who immediately went down the keybladesabre path.

I could see this not coming off though, particularly with their EA deal, I bet there's a pile of copyright entanglement that would need to be sorted out. The same for Marvel. But I can still dream about Mickey Mouse, Yoda and Spiderman teaming up to take on Kefka

Am I the only one who things the whole Kingdom Hearts thing is like a piece of fan-fiction gone way too far?

I am, aren't I?

Whelp, each his own, I guess...

I've love for this to happen! I'd treat it as canon and piss off my roommate.

This was the second thing I thought of when I read that Disney had acquired Star Wars. I really want a Lightsaber Keyblade.
I wonder how watered down Deadpool's character would be if he were to appear in a Kingdom Hearts game.

While not a big start wars fan, I'm still very interested in star wars joining the Kingdom Hearts universe (hopefully more than a token summon... though if you could summon an AT-AT...).

Also, I'll parrot everyone else about the extreme want for a lightsber keyblade. Then again, would we use anything else once we attained it regardless of power?

If this doesn't happen, I'll have learned a lot about how copyright and patent laws work, because legal issues are the only reason Disney wouldn't want to make the amount of money that this would get them.

Prediction: The last shot of the Kingdom Hearts IV trailer will be of Sora (assuming it's still Sora) drawing a lightsaber Keyblade as the camera swivels around to show Darth Vader for a split second before it ends.

The 90's will explode when it hears about the battle between Sephiroth and Darth Vader in Kingdom Hearts IV!

This is probably the most exitement I've felt towards Star Wars in a very long time :) I'll keep my fingers crossed!

Hm, I'm wary about this. On the one hand it would be awesome to see Darth Vader in the game, but on the other hand this could possibly include Jar-Jar Binks...>.>

At least one thing is for sure, at least we know that Xemnas was indeed an honorary Sith Lord seeing as he had dual lightsabers and has the ability to shoot lighting.

Heck look at the battle from the first Final Mix:

I've had my fingers crossed for this since the Lucasfilm acquisition

Lightsaber Keyblade. Want

You know that there was art of lightsaber keyblades, well drawn art too, within 6 hours of the announcement that disney acquired lucasfilm?

There's a very VERY low number of ways they could combine the 2 WRONG. Putting Jar Jar as an important character would be 1 of them. Even in the prequel trilogy he was just there to merchandise to kids, there's no point in including him. Another gungan, maybe, just not him. The name alone attracts too much (moderately unwarranted) hate.

If they try this, they are gonna be hit with the mother of all lawsuits.

EA hav e the exclusive liscence to make games using the Star Wars IP. Kingdom Hearts is not owned by EA. Open. And. Shut. It doesn't matter if you think thats not how it should be, thats how it is.

Nah, Kingdom hearts can live without Star Wars and Star Wars doesn't need Kingdom Hearts.

NOW MARVEL ON THE OTHER HAND! Goofy already weilds a circular shield... Magic and hitting stuff is already a big part of both Marvel and Kingdom Hearts. C'mon you know Sora Donald and Captain AMerica would be awesome. Tony Stark making a badass gold on red keyblade. That's something i want to see.

If both Star Wars and Marvel make it into the game I think I will die happy.

Eh I don't know, Kingdom Hearts already has enough weird tonal shifts because of the many different universes. But I guess it would be cool if they could pull it off.

Honestly, it wouldn't be a real tonal shift at all. Just look at the last few games (Birth By Sleep especially). They're basically Star Wars already. If anything, Star Wars would fit in BETTER than the other live-action franchises they've used so far.

But now it's time for me to parrot all the opinions everyone is thinking about:

Lightsaber Keyblade? Yes.
Darth Vader boss battle? Yes.
Heartless dressed up in stormtrooper helmets? HELL yes.
Either Luke or Han as party members? Sign me up.

Dual wielding Lightsaber keyblades would be awesome. Especially if they acted like lightsabers and cut anything they came into contact with. Goofy could be dressed as a clone trooper and Donald could be dressed up as Darth Vader.

Welp, I just made a noise like a man who hasn't seen water in ten years being handed one of those bottles that never gets empty. Please happen.

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