Metro: Last Light Faction Pack DLC Coming Next Week

Metro: Last Light Faction Pack DLC Coming Next Week

Metro: Last Light Faction Pack screen

The Metro: Last Light Faction Pack will return to some "classic locations" from Metro 2033 for three new single-player missions in the Red Line, the Reich and the Rangers.

The first piece of Metro: Last Light DLC is finally in the pipe, and it actually sounds pretty cool. The Faction Pack will return to "classic locations" from Metro 2033 with three new single-player missions, each very different from the other. First, as a Red Line Special Detachment Sniper, you'll perform a nighttime infiltration of a Reich outpost; then, as Reich "Heavy," you'll defend the front line with some of the deadliest weapons in the Metro; and finally, as a Polis Ranger in training, you'll explore the Library complex in search of artifacts and relics.

The Faction Pack also promises the return of a "truly terrifying mutant foe," and although it doesn't name names, veterans of Metro 2033 will probably know what to expect. (Those of you who missed out on it have something really interesting to look forward to.) It's the first of four DLC releases planned by 4A Games and Deep Silver, which will include the Tower Pack, a challenge mode with online leaderboards, the Developer Pack, with three "fully stocked" areas and a new single-player mission called "The Spiders' Nest," and the Chronicles Pack, which will feature single-player missions that dig deeper into the separate stories of Pavel, Khan and Anna.

The Metro: Last Light Faction Pack will sell for 400 Microsoft points on Xbox Live or $4.99 on Steam and the PlayStation Network. It will also be available as part of the "Season Pass," which bundles all four DLC releases for 1200 Microsoft points or $14.99 and also includes the Abzats automatic shotgun.


Got a feeling I know what the monster may be,

This shall be glorious! I will show those librarian mofos how real men fight yet again! (mostly running like a little girl :P )

BTW, this here:
Is the player during the Reich mission

This is the player as a sniper:

These here are the... well... new enemies :

Oh no! It's the return of BARAKAPOOL!

W-wait..... Did you say LIBRARY?

As in.... a place filled with books?

As in............ A place inhabited by LIBRARIANS???

Oh jesus fuck, the nightmares are all rushing back in.


Even with this horrifying news, I'm still quite happy Metro is getting DLC support.

Yes, a LIBRARY. You may draw whatever conclusions you think appropriate.

I thought the Librarians were brilliant. Once I figured out how to handle them, it made for an incredible intense segment. ((Although I have to admit that I was happy when it was over.)

Librarians? No no no we all know this is what they're adding to The Library.

On a serious tone; So we're getting a decent chunk of what looks like great singleplayer DLC, for a brilliant game, for $4.99? Hear this Bethesda and you other people who make overpriced DLC (Operation Anchorage, Honest Hearts, HORSE ARMOR) This is how you price your DLC correctly.


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