Square Enix Wants Dragon Quest X to Leave Japan

Square Enix Wants Dragon Quest X to Leave Japan

Dragon Quest X Screen

Dragon Quest X producers Yosuke Saito and Yuu Miyake envision overseas versions split across regional servers.

Dragon Quest X is only a few short weeks from its first birthday following its 2012 launch on the Wii. That said, whereas other one-year olds busy themselves with things like learning to walk, Dragon Quest X could possibly find itself learning new languages. While Square Enix already surprised some when it announced the MMORPG would be making a move to PCs, Yuu Miyake, executive producer for Dragon Quest X, has expressed that the company hopes to move the game not just across platforms, but also across borders.

Asked if Square Enix was considering an overseas release, Miyake's response was "Of course." That being said, he was quick to clarify that the actual process of expanding Dragon Quest X's reach won't be simple. "Every nation has its own play style and sensibilities, so I don't think it'll be a single game worldwide like with Final Fantasy 11." Producer Yosuke Saito, who was also present for the interview shared similar sentiments. "Different countries consume their games at different speeds and the way the communities are run also differ. Even the way people enjoy seasonal events is different, so I think we need to divide the running of it by country or region. So we're thinking about having separate servers for each country."

While it might be a bit of a bummer not to be able to mingle with foreign players, regional servers could also potentially allow Square Enix to tailor the game's services uniquely depending on the tastes of different countries and cultures. Either way, we hope to see Dragon Quest X in North America at some point, if only because more Dragon Quest tends to be a good thing.

Source: Polygon


Hmmm... I wonder if they'll just wait for Nintendo to step in and publish it in the west like they did with Bravely Default.

Square Enix have this weird thing where they seem to think all their best, most appealing games shouldn't come out of Japan. A 3DS JRPG that looks like a throw-back to old school Final Fantasy games which western fans are crying out for? Fuck that. Someone else can deal with it. A PSP Final Fantasy game with a legitimately dark setting and cool new battle system? Sony can publish it if they like, we're not getting involved.

A third game with everyone's favourite dour, storm-faced, moaning, miserable moping myrtle, Lightning? Get that shit overseas pronto! And get a design committee all up and working on a fourth game, stat!

Square are just so weird when it comes to localizing stuff, I've got no idea what news like this could mean.

Well, I certainly don't.

Dragon Quest 9 just didn't impress me enough, sadly for me to say. The gimmick was set far too heavily on "game interacting with other games", and outside of Japan and its heavy mass-transportation-centric systems, it just doesn't work well in the NA. Hell, one of the Gamestops participating in those "free map" runs early after its release was practically a cross-state drive from where I lived, and if I'm remembering correctly that was the closest one to boot!

For me to be interested in the game alone would require dropping the subscription fee and the MMO part of the game. I know that likely won't happen with the latter, but at least a fully offline version would be preferable then.

Disregarding all of that, even, I don't think it will do anywhere close to as well as it might be doing in Japan. In terms of sales, it was probably the weakest of any Dragon Quest game. And, unless they are releasing the PC version first or concurrently, it's going to completely flounder on the Wii and Wii-u here as well.

The last thing I want, is for Square Enix to get the hare-brained idea that the West isn't interested in Dragon Quest as a series...

I would argue that people will just adapt easy enough, and they should just stick them all on the same servers.

Take Phantasys Star Universe, was a very popular in Japan, but it was also popular enough in the west to warrent two different server banks in it's prime (360 banks and PS2/PC banks). During it's decline the 360 banks closed first and left only the PS2/PC banks. But eventuality the PS2/PC banks closed down too.

So what did the PS2/PC players do?

They created fake Japanese Sony accounts (with real creditcards, no pirating), hacked their games to connect to the Japanese servers and hacked their games (now Japanese) UI to replace back to the English one. And presto they went on playing their MMO and got used to playing Japanese way very, very easily.

The same thing happened with Phantasy Star Online before it. And some people even hacked into the Japanese version long before the western servers went down.

I know I don't speak for everyone when I say this, but I happen to like Japanese games and I do not like the way/speed at which people in the USA "consume" their games. And living in the USA myself, it would be a huge bummer to not get the same game that was originally released just because of some corporate suit who advises: "the chart says gamers in the US have zero patience and hate anything even remotely difficult. oh and they also dislike reading"

Seriously keep it the same across all regions or just keep it in Japan. I'm sick and tired of Japanese games being made "acceptable for US audiences"

Pretty sure it's PSO2 and not DQX that people want to leave Japan. Given Sega had to block IPs outside of Japan should be a sign that, perhaps, PSO2 just needs to be released worldwide translation or not.

capcha: neckbeard

sorry capcha, I shave mine off. But he was the nerdiest pirate of the seven seas...

I guarantee you more people want Phantasy Star Online 2 than this.
Like I'd bet money on it.

I have about 3 friends who are actually irate that Sega has delayed and possibly canceled the NA release.

Japan can keep DQ10. They completely switch over from sony to nintendo then make a must have multiplayer experience(9) and then an MMO(10). When I was younger I wanted to buy ever FF and DQ game they where ever going to make as long as I lived now I can't envision myself buying one ever again.


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