Scribblenauts Unmasked Features 14 Different Supermen

Scribblenauts Unmasked Features 14 Different Supermen

If DC Comics' back catalog can't provide enough playable characters, Scribblenauts Unmasked will access the multiverse as well.

One of the most advertised features of superhero games these days is the sheer number of available characters. LEGO Marvel Super Heroes will have over 100 to choose from, while Injustice seems to get new vigilantes every other week. If we're being true to comic book history however, what we really need are character variants. On that score, Scribblenauts Unmasked is set to take the crown. While the game already includes an entire back catalog of characters, now it's promising to draw from the multiverse as well. Superman alone will get 14 different in-game iterations, including a few you might not recognize without Wikipedia.

First off, you've got your historical versions of Superman, like the Siegel and Shuster original, the post-death Man of Tomorrow, and the electrically-powered Red and Blue. Then you've got the alternate reality versions; the aging Superman from Kingdom Come, the Soviet Red Son, and even a Man of Steel tie-in character. Then the whole thing gets deliciously obscure.

Want the evil, Apokolips-raised Kal-El of Superman: The Dark Side? Done. A version of Superman from the Batman Beyond universe? It's there. Speaking of Batman, why not the Speeding Bullets iteration, where Kal-El was adopted by the Waynes and became The Dark Knight.

And that's just Superman. Once Scribblenauts Unmasked comes out this fall, other characters will likely have either a variant treatment, or additional costumes via DLC. When this game launches, I don't even think I'll be able to play the story campaign. I'll be too busy spawning multiverses and teaming up random combinations of mismatched heroes to do my bidding.

Soon, Jean-Paul Valley Batman and Artemis Wonder Woman. Soon.


Source: DC Comics


Would like it more if I could find a version of the image that's big enough for me to actually read :|, not a problem with the escapist, but I couldn't even find one on the website.

None of the 3 Ultraman versions, I am disappointed.

Dark Side Superman is just a pawn, Ultraman is the only real evil Superman.

He always beats normal Superman in 1 on 1 too, because he doesn't hold back. Superman and the JLA always have to come up with some other way of stopping him other than direct combat.

I want Soviet Batman

I doubt that Bruce Wayne agent of sheild will show up but it would be cool.

I'm glad that the "Beyond" universe is getting some love lately, what with the Batman Beyond costume in Arkham City and now this. I hope this trend is going to continue.

Angelous Wang:

He always beats normal Superman in 1 on 1 too, because he doesn't hold back. Superman and the JLA always have to come up with some other way of stopping him other than direct combat.

Excuse me, but!

What? No Superman Prime? :P

Definitely a game up my alley, but how many others are gettting the multiple versions treatment? Batgirl? Batwoman?
Will we be getting power girl, and supergirl?
I'd hope we can see something of a brawl!

Will I get to see some of my fav obscure persons like Scandal Savage, and the rest of the Secret Six? Catman?
I wonder what Bane version we'll get?

I read the plot kinda revolves around Maxwell, and his sis having an argument over who's better between Superman, and Batman, so do you play as the sister if you side against Maxwell?

So many questions!

Superman Beyond?! Oh hell yeah, sign me up.


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