"Core" KOTOR Devs Working on New Bioware IP

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All I can do right now is remember a time during my childhood where the sentence "Bioware announces that they are working on new IP" would have me more excited than 3 Santas, mowing all of the lawns to scrounge enough money in preparation.

Sadly, my only genuine response to this is that I'm going to have to idly wait until release, read some trusted reviews, and do nothing that involves throwing money based on blind faith. Call me a hipster or whatever but that faith has been thoroughly squandered.

I hope the new IP is something more down to earth. Space, fantasy, and martial arts is fine and all but sometimes I like modern day games that have nothing to do with magic, telekinesis, world destroying sentient machines, water gods, and/or ghosts. I would like to see them make an assassin game where players can choose whomever they want to kill and doing so either helps or hinders the player, affects the people around, and ultimately changes the ending.

Glad to hear that they will be making a new title, I enjoyed Dragon Age II...well, somewhat, at least I enjoyed the characters in it, and I liked the story of ME III, so it will be interesting to see what they come out with. Granted, if Dragon Age III and this game is shit, I'll probably give up completely on the wondrous being that was once known as Bioware.

Sack of Cheese:
Although they are good at create a new world and populate it with lores... but this time I'm hoping for a modern world spy story. Or cop/detective story.

Building a setting off of the Spycraft RPG in the same way KotOR was built off of the Star Wars D20 system would be pretty awesome, and would actually work very well with the standard Bioware plot that they've used in every game they've ever made and the text-heavy party dynamic they love so much.

Well I don't doubt that back then they were capable of some great stuff, but Bioware has come a long way since then (among other things the daddies of RPGs and Bioware left) and I doubt the remaining EAware is allowed to produce anything without a bitter aftertaste.

Wait, hasn't most of the old Bioware guard left for greener pastures?

Between EA, DA2 and ME3 this little baby's chances are not looking good.

$50 says its a dark and gritty fantasy game with Orcs and Wizards centred around a morally ambiguous protagonist who can save the world with a Red, Green or Blue spell.

...Till the day I die.

They can talk all day like fat politicians but I'm not going to give two shits until they do something good.

I might be more excited for this if those same people weren't under the massive thumb of EA.

As it stands, I'll wait with cautious optimism.

I'll take your cautious optimism and send you to Penny Arcade http://www.penny-arcade.com/comic/2006/03/01

Seriously though, i'm utterly conflicted about this. It could be wonderful, but EA, Dragon Age II, Mass Effect 2 and 3....Bleurgh :(

and another new batch of pg-13 love scenes to be shoehorned in was born

As much as I've enjoyed every single BioWare game I've played (This being everything they made after and including Baldur's Gate 2), they're really not the same brilliant company that created stuff like KotOR or Jade Empire. Will I probably play this? Yes. Am I as excited for this announcment as I would've been if it happened three years ago? Hell to the no.

BioWare's still a good company, but the majority of the people that made stuff like KotOR truly special are no longer there. That said, the fact that they're coming up with a new IP is good: It's always been the setting that's made BioWare games interesting, the plot's usually just been an OK excuse to explore it.

What is it closer to Bioware? Mass Effect? Or Dragon Age: Origins?
If it's the former, you can fuck off.
If it's the latter, I'm interested.

Whats that? Casey Hudson is working on it?
I'm probably going to be telling you to fuck off then.

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