Gods Will Be Watching Hopes To Survive Indiegogo

Gods Will Be Watching Hopes To Survive Indiegogo

Gods Will Be Watching screenshot

Gods Will Be Watching mates sci-fi survivalism with Sword & Sworcery-esque pixel art, and now you can help fund the project.

Gods Will Be Watching was initially conceived as a Ludum Dare entry focusing on a futuristic group of scientists attempting to survive on an alien planet. Not only do they have to contend with extraterrestrial drama, but there's also the human realities of survival. Your group must find food, but where? What do you eat on a hostile, unexplored planet? The dog?

Don't answer that question. Or actually what I mean to say is, "you don't have to answer that question, because you can play Gods Will Be Watching totally gratis by visiting the official site of Spanish development collective Destructeam."

But wait, if you can play the game right this very minute for free, why would anyone want to fund an Indiegogo campaign for Gods Will Be Watching? Simple: That game linked above is the original Ludum Dare entry version of the game. It was conceived and coded in a mere 48 hours specifically for that contest, but after a deluge of positive feedback, the game's creators have decided to expand Gods Will Be Watching into a full-fledged videogame with adaptations appearing on PC, Mac, Linux and mobile platforms.

With 29 days left in the campaign, Gods Will Be Watching has already attracted €3,159 (roughly $4,142USD) of its €8,000 (about $10,490USD) goal. Given that the fundraising effort is less than 24 hours old that's a very good start, but with enough cash the developers could really trick this game out. Free DLC, unlockable cinematics and full voice acting are all in the cards if Gods Will Be Watching can draw enough cash, and at the current rate of donations, it looks as if even the €60,000 mark could be reached in short order.

If you're interested in handing over a bit of cash to help Gods Will Be Watching, you can find all the necessary information on the game's Indiegogo page, alongside a very detailed overview of what the developers hope to include in the final release of the game. It's a great read, so once you finish playing the free incarnation of Gods Will Be Watching, have a look to see how much more entertaining the game is slated to become.

Source: Eurogamer


Something seems really wrong with this game, maybe it's just my browser, but the actions are higher then where they should be, if I try to ask them to do something they sometimes get killed, it does look nice though, and I like the setting, but I'm not going to actively be supporting it.
The starting story also really needs a rewrite, too many typos.

Edit: After playing it some more, it either misleads the player, or it isn't very well programmed, it doesn't follow it's own rules, it doesn't tell you that you only have as many actions as people (I don't know how that works) it's sometimes impossible to save your people regardless of how many times you talk to them or how many group therapy sessions you hold, the Medusea virus kills in 2 days, not 3 like the game tells you, and the texts have their own hit-boxes that do not match up on the screen where the text is, this game could be good, but certainly doesn't seem finished at the moment, and the only way you can win is through luck.


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