Knights of Pen & Paper Dev Kickstarting Power Rangers Inspired Sim

Knights of Pen & Paper Dev Kickstarting Power Rangers Inspired Sim

Knights of Pen & Paper's Behold Studios is asking for $55,000 to make Chroma Squad, a Power Rangers-esque sim.

Knights of Pen & Paper wasn't a perfect game, but it still managed to win countless gamers over thanks to its clever virtualization of tabletop RPGs and the tongue-in-cheek humor that permeated most of the game. Coming out of that experience, Behold Studios, the developer behind Knights of Pen & Paper, are hoping to build a new game that's sure to please the many 90s children who grew up with the Power Rangers theme stuck in their skulls.

That in mind the studio has launched a Kickstarter campaign to raise funds for Chroma Squad: Indie Sentai Studio. With a goal of $55,000 Behold is promising a game that will throw player into the command role of a Power Rangers styled superhero team. In addition to leading the titular Chroma Squad however, you'll also be managing the crew filming them to make a kids TV show. Players will be in charge of "hiring actors, purchasing awesome cameras, and making everything explode with your special effects." The game will also task you with selecting the skills, abilities, and jumpsuit color of each squad member, as well as purchasing items to help the show and managing its marketing and fans. Additionally, players can expect online modes, both competitive and cooperative.

According to Behold, Chroma Squad has already been in production for two months and currently exists in a playable alpha state. The team has also been releasing a webcomic to help familiarize players with the game and its story. The purpose of the Kickstarter is to simply help supplement the team's current funds so its members can afford their "daily expenses" and complete the game. In turn, Behold isn't posting any stretch goals as it's confident that "everything the game should have, it will already have." If the Kickstarter campaign goes over the team's goal however, it will use the extra funds to "keep adding coolness to the game" in the way of new monsters, in-game stories, items and other unspecified extras. Considering Chroma Squad is already more than halfway to its goal with twenty-six days still left to go, there's a good chance the developer will have to make good on its promise of additional awesome.

Source: Kickstarter


Okay, if these guys can make a Power Rangers sim, I want a "Mahou Shoujo" sim too. It would be like X-com, but with cute girls.

OT: I bought Knights of Pen and Paper on Steam and was suprised to know the team who made came from Brazil (Yay, my country!), but the game itself was a little too grindy for my tastes. I still wish them the best of luck with this project!

This... actually sounds like seven shades of awesome.

Ok, I'm down for it, you've got my money.
If I had any...

On a similar note I actually played my second X-com run as a super sentai team.
Most hilarious team I've made thus far.

yes yes yes!!! this looks great managing a x-com power ranger squad would be awesome enough but also managing the show actors and effects I am so sold curios to see what they do with megazord fights

If it didn't get meta and make it about filming a Sentai show I would be all over this. If it was just a Power Rangers style rpg I would drop money in a heartbeat.

I'll admit, I am intrigued.

Hey guys!
What about using the right metacritic page?

Thanks for the post!


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