Injustice Finally Adds Martian Manhunter

Injustice Finally Adds Martian Manhunter

This morning NetherRealm Studios released a new downloadable addition for Injustice: Gods Among Us: The shape-shifting Martian Manhunter.

Injustice: Gods Among Us was initially hyped as the ultimate DC Comics superhero fighting game. For the most part it's lived up to that reputation (not that competition for the spot has been fierce), but almost since the game's debut fans have been puzzled by a certain character's absence from the game's roster. Injustice includes all of the core members of the traditional Justice League team, with one major exception: The Martian Manhunter. Fortunately, thanks to the wonders of downloadable content, developer NetherRealm Studios has amended that oversight and now the shapeshifting extraterrestrial can join Superman, Batman and, for some reason, Scorpion.

The bad news here is that Martian Manhunter is the game's fifth downloadable character. As a result, those who purchased a Season Pass for Injustice will find that, unlike the prior four releases, this one isn't covered by their initial cash outlay. End result: Everyone who wants to add Martian Manhunter to their game will need to shell out $5 for the privilege.

Beyond that, this DLC functions like any other release. Download it either from within Injustice or on the PlayStation Network Store or Xbox Live Marketplace, and the game should automatically recognize the DLC, and add Martian Manhunter to the character select screen immediately.

But wait, all of that text and we haven't discussed who Martian Manhunter is. I'll let NetherRealm take care of that. The clip you see embedded above is a new trailer heralding the character's arrival and covering the important beats of his backstory, and the following is NetherRealm's official description for the character:

The last of his kind, Martian Manhunter was accidentally teleported to Earth where he joined forces with the Justice League. As the he encounters the tyranny of Superman's regime in the world of Injustice, will he let the Man of Steel reign supreme, or will he join the insurgency and fight for the freedom of his adopted planet?

What that description doesn't mention is that canonically, the Martian Manhunter has all of Superman's powers, plus he's psychic, can phase through solid objects, and can change shape at will. I'm sure NetherRealm has had to tone down his powerset a bit for this game, but if you've ever wanted to play a character that can legitimately wipe that stupid all-American grin off of Superman's boy scout face, now you've got your chance.


That's nice and all, but given that he's pretty much the centre of every important JLA team prior to the stupid New 52 bullshit, why isn't he going to be in the movie?

My ears were pleased when Carl Lumbly spoke. Sadly, I'm not interested to buy an entire game for one voice.

I'm okay with one article about this. But did we really need a total of three?

I'm okay with one article about this. But did we really need a total of three?

Articles on Martian Manhunter are all thats covered by the Escapist Injustice Season pass. If you want access to new information you'll need to join the pubclub for the privilege.

I dunno, I think they should rather have included Manhunter in the season pass, and made folks pay the $5 for Scorpion. I'm sorta miffed that he's not in the season pass.

There's DLC not included in the season pass?

Then what's the point of the season pass?


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