Alice: Otherlands Animation Reaches Kickstarter Success

Alice: Otherlands Animation Reaches Kickstarter Success

Will the voice actors return? American McGee hopes so.

"After 20 days and much nail-biting," says American McGee, "the Alice: Otherlands campaign has reached a successful conclusion." And a pretty decent conclusion it was; the Kickstarter sought $200,000, and managed to get a little more than $22,000 over the funding goal. This is that same film project that, for a short while, was attached to McGee's OZombie crowdfunder, but the Oz-inspired zombie apocalypse title didn't do so well, and that Kickstarter withered on the vine while the Otherlands project thrived.

If you still want in on this, it's not impossible, as there is a PayPal donations site that will remain open at least a month after the Kickstarter's conclusion. "The Alice film rights are only within reach during a rapidly closing window of opportunity," McGee said when he announced the closure of the OZombie campaign, and now it'd seem that window was reached in time. There was a stretch goal which wasn't reached, one that would have allowed the movie to use the voice actors - Alice and the Cheshire Cat, aka Susie Brann and Roger Jackson - from the game, but McGee's hopeful an accommodation can be reached. "I've been talking to potential sources of additional funding," says McGee which, if it comes off, will let him not only secure the voice actors' services but also fund additional Alice animation projects.

Now all you have to do is wait. Why not have some tea? Do you know why a raven is like a writing desk, by the way? I've always wanted to find out.

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Well I'd donate to the film project if one of the stretch goals was a guarantee that John Deep stay the fuck away from it.

Now all you have to do is wait. Why not have some tea? Do you know why a raven is like a writing desk, by the way? I've always wanted to find out.

Well they say Poe wrote on both but I prefer this explanation:

They both have quills

Is it because they are nevar reversed? apparently the author had an answer, but forgot it.

Would have prefered a third game in the series, but if that's not an option at present I'm more than happy to support this endeavor since the minds behind the game will be in control as opposed to some studio that tweaks it in order to appeal to a perception of the "geek fanbase" (like, say, when Sarah Michelle Gellar was attached to the live action version of the first 'Alice.' No thanks). A dark, mature animated film featuring the voice cast and McGee's visual style sounds damn exciting. Pity it couldn't be full length using the studio that did the CG Trailers for Madness Returns. Those were hauntingly gorgeous.

Yeah, this sounds like it would make a much better game.

I'm with the two posts above mine: I would much rather have had a 3rd game. Especially with the concept behind it: Alice entering the Wonderlands of OTHER people's minds, rather than just her own...I think that'd make for a really fun and interesting game.

But failing that, I guess a series of short films - as the kickstarter page describes this project - is better than nothing.


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