Endless Space Studio Teases Dungeon of the Endless

Endless Space Studio Teases Dungeon of the Endless

Dungeon of the Endless is a new game being developed by the people who brought you Endless Space.

Here's everything we know about Dungeon of the Endless: It's being developed by Amplitude Studios, the indie team behind Endless Space. There's a teaser, right over there. Endless Space was apparently pretty good. And actual useful information will be revealed in a week or so at Gamescom.

Yes, that's pretty much it: What you see is what we got. A prison ship, perhaps involved somehow in the shenanigans of Endless Space, is shot down by parties unknown, causing part of the crew to abandon ship in a lifeboat that crashes on an alien world. A world with a door! And what's behind the door?

That is the mystery, isn't it? All will be revealed later this month at Gamescom in Cologne, Germany, but if you don't want to wait you can hope that somebody at Amplitude screws up and drops the dime early on the Dungeon of the Endless Facebook page. (I bet it's a dungeon.)


Andy Chalk:
crashes on an alien world. A world with a door! And what's behind the door?

That is the mystery, isn't it?

I bet it's another door. Really though, the name of the game is ENDLESS DUNGEON.

The "Infinite Procedurally Generated Game" genre sure has been getting a lot of games and attention lately. Because everything is so RNG I've gotten a bit tired of it, but if they can find a way to create an infinite dungeon crawl that has a lot of actual RPG progression I could get behind that. To me that is the IPGG's greatest weakness, it always felt to me like I was just playing the first 1-2 hours of an epic journey over and over again. If they can give progression to the player without resorting to restarting the level/game every time it will be a welcome addition.

The art style looks good, and I was a fan of Endless Space, the music sounds on par with that (Which is to say amazing.) I'll be keeping an eye fixed on this.

I appreciate Endless Space, and I appreciate Amplitude.

Well, this has come together quite nicely.

Though I suppose the sort of 'Spaceship adventure Roguelike' has already been done by 'Sword of the Stars: The Pit'. Just have to lie in wait I suppose.

I'm already super excited about this game and I have only seen that video. I would be interested in exploring the Endless Space Universe more, in the form of a different kind of game.


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