Ubisoft Teases Final Fantasy Inspired Child of Light

Ubisoft Teases Final Fantasy Inspired Child of Light

Patrick Plourde, creative director for Far Cry 3 is working on Child of Light, a digital title built with Ubi-Art Framework.

At a recent GDC panel entitled Small Projects in AAA Studios: Making of Child of Light, Ubisoft and Far Cry 3 creative director Patrick Plourde gave some early glimpses at a new title being developed by Ubisoft Montreal. According to Plourde the game, called Child of Light, will be a digital title made with Ubi-Art Framework, the engine that served as the foundation of Rayman Legends, it will be a side-scrolling JRPG that tells the story of a young girl on a journey who "physically and mentally grows up" over the course of the story.

According to Plourde the game is inspired in part by classic Final Fantasy titles and aims to bring to life the sort of concept art that informed the sprites and worlds of games like Final Fantasy VI. During the presentation Plourde showed off concept art that he said could be used to fashion actual in-game environments. He also stated that he was trying to craft a game that would be, in essence "a playable poem." The game's visuals will take cues from artists like Hayao Miyazaki, Yoshitaka Amano and John Bauer.

Sadly, he wasn't able to offer much more in the way of specific details. That said, co-op was hinted at, as were both PC and console releases. An official announcement for the game will be coming in September as a part of Ubisoft's Digital Day event, while the game itself is slated for a digital release this winter. Honestly, Ubisoft had my money when Plourde mentioned Final Fantasy VI.

Source: IGN


This sounds nice and since we damn well can't rely on Squenix to make Final Fantasy anymore, might as well let someone else have a go at recreating that classic magic.

I don't see yet how this is Final Fantasy inspired. But we'll see...

So the creative guy behind Far Cry 3 is making a JRPG - despite being made in Canada, and whatever other studios they inevitable decide to add as well - with the graphic engine that gave us Rayman Origins with influences from Final Fantasy?

Colour me intrigued, Ubisoft.

Is that a really weird hat, or has that child got a massive head?

The "Playable Poem" description is a bit worrying. It sounds too much like Dear Escher.

Look, I love what they are aiming for. Playable poem? Old school Final Fantasy? Promising female lead? Sounds like pure awesomeness!

...And then ubisoft and Farcray 3. Not really what I associate with JRPGs. But hey, if the japs can make WRPGs (Dark souls) then the canadians should be able to create a JRPG, right?

Colour me intrigued. I'll keep an eye out for this one.

The esthetic sounds right on, but "side-scrolling JRPG" raises red flags. The visual is more French than Japanese. I'm getting a Little Prince vibe.

Still I don't get why chibi is connected to FF. To me it was always a limitation that the party sprites would not match the monster sprites. The FMV from the 5/6 anthologies on the PlayStation probably did Amano's FF best, if you are doing 3D.

Interesting, I have been feeling a bit of a JRPG vibe lately, but I don't feel like trying out the newer stuff that's popped up.


Is that a really weird hat, or has that child got a massive head?

The "Playable Poem" description is a bit worrying. It sounds too much like Dear Escher.

I think it's her hair given the apparent JRPG-ness of it - It can't be JRPG without big hair! And I'm sure you mean Dear Esther, but Dear Escher would be quite mind-bending :D


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