Indie Royale Lets the "Prairie Dog Bundle" Out

Indie Royale Lets the "Prairie Dog Bundle" Out

The Indie Royale "Prairie Dog Bundle" includes five games and, for a little more than the minimum, the new chiptunes album from Dubmood.

Sometimes in life, you have to make tough choices. Like, say, should I buy lunch - or should I buy the new Indie Royale "Prairie Dog Bundle?" Now, I don't know what kind of lunch you can score for a fiver, but here's what you get out of the latest Indie Royale offering: Retrovirus, Signal Ops, Zack Zero, Vox and Sol Survivor, all for a minimum of about $5.50. Fork over $8 or more and you'll also get Lost Floppies Vol. 2, the new album from Dubmood.

Is it a good deal? The only one of the bunch I've played is Retrovirus but it's easily worth the price of admission on its own. There's also a spot for a sixth game, emblazoned with a tantalizing question mark - who knows what goodness lies behind it?

All of the games are available through Desura and Retrovirus, Zack Zero and Sol Survivor can be had through Steam as well; Signal Ops and Vox are currently up on Greenlight. The Indie Royale "Prairie Dog Bundle" - and no, I have no idea why it's called the "Prairie Dog Bundle" - runs for eight days and change and, as usual, paying more than the minimum drives that minimum down, making it even easier for underprivileged gamers and cheapskates to join in on the fun.

Source: Indie Royale


I think I'm going to check this out. I've heard very good things about Sol Survivor, Vox and Retrovirus. The developer of Vox popped in on the bundle's reddit thread to say that he's working on multiplayer which will be included in a big update pretty soon.

Indie Bundles + Steam Cards = Gaming Crack.


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