Memoria Trailer Teases Daedalic's Next Big Thing

Memoria Trailer Teases Daedalic's Next Big Thing

Memoria, the new game from German adventure house Daedalic Entertainment, is less than one week away.

Daedalic is a familiar name to fans of point-and-click adventures, and for good reason. The German developer/publisher does a lot of good stuff, including the Deponia and Edna and Harvey games, both of which we've reviewed in the past, and The Dark Eye, a more traditional fantasy franchise. Memoria, the latest addition to The Dark Eye series, comes out on August 30, and in fine pre-launch tradition Daedalic today put out a very good-looking promo trailer.

The narration is a little clunky, perhaps owing to the German-to-English translation, a not-uncommon issue in games and trailers that aren't natively English, but the game itself is very promising. It uses the lead characters of its predecessor, The Dark Eye: Chains of Satinav, to frame a centuries-old mystery about a young princess on a quest for immortal glory who disappeared at her moment of triumph and was forgotten by history. Only by solving her riddle will the bird-catcher Geron, the hero of Chains of Satinav, be able to save his one true love.

Geron seems like a nice enough guy, but Memoria promises a far more epic (and thus interesting) tale than his; it'll be nice to see Nuri returned to Elven form (assuming that happens) but the fate of Sadja is obviously the real attraction here. Memoria (which I think is actually known officially and in full as The Dark Eye: Memoria) comes out on August 30.


First thought: "hey that's the shadow broker soundtrack!"

Not bad, nice to see point and click games still thriving

Hey that's a sequel to that Dark Eye game they made. Chains of Satinav. Here's hoping that nobody that worked on Deponia 2 works on the character portion of this game. I couldn't stand a second Rufus.

Though it will be nice to see how the story continue from that game. There are some pretty drastic events that happened during that one. Will be interesting to see how he is still a bird catcher and how this world expands beyond what we saw in that one.


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