Cat That Wore A Fedora Kickstarter Promises 8 Bit Metroidvania Noir

Cat That Wore A Fedora Kickstarter Promises 8 Bit Metroidvania Noir

Would you like some pie? Or maybe just more coffee?

Hot Tin Roof: The Cat That Wore A Fedora, the latest project from Glass Bottom Games, has gone to Kickstarter, fedora in hand, seeking a mere $20,000 to make its noir Metroidvania title a reality. The cat-crazy team from Colorado wants to keep its programmer alive - ah, altruism - during the development process, hence the need for money. Also fedoras and cats, and if this trailer doesn't win your heart, you clearly haven't been eating pie at the right diner.

This PC, Mac and Linux 3D side scroller has you, as private detective and cat fancier Emma Jones, on the trail of a bloodthirsty killer, or possibly killers. Your cat Frankie is your best friend, but your second best friend is your revolver, which can be loaded with different cartridges that allow you to track enemies, bash down locked doors, shoot out grapple lines for acrobatic level-bouncing or otherwise deal with the puzzles and adversaries on offer. Use 'em wisely and you can uncover new areas of the game world to explore, and mine for clues. "The core side-scrolling, platforming and revolver tech is solid," says Glass Bottom Games, "but we've got a long ways to go in terms of adding content and fleshing out the world." The Kickstarter cash will get the team the extra six months it needs to bring Emma and Frankie to life.

At time of writing this one has a touch over $4,700 of the cash it needs, with 33 days to go. If you want in on a good thing, or just like cats in fedoras, now's the time to put your money where your revolver is.

Source: Hot Tin Roof Kickstarter


I really enjoy the game thematically, and the voice over was pretty fun. It also seemed to fit the game tonally, which is great for an indie game (which tend to be a little lackluster in the VA department).

I'm just not sure the gameplay looks all that compelling to me; this is coming from someone who is crazy about metroidvania games.

I guess the big draw is supposed to be the "Noir inspector" vibe? Aside from that I feel like my time would better be spent playing Robot Wants Kitty 1 & 2. I guess I just prefer lasers and jetpacks with my cats.

Prior to Hot Tin Roof, developer Megan Fox released the graphically similar mobile game Jones On Fire, an endless runner about rescuing kitties from a raging inferno. It was actually quite good, quirky and simple but also very challenging if you're a fan of the genre. Based on that, I have high hopes for her new project.

Jones On Fire, btw:

Can someone please explain to me what "8 bit" means in this context?


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