Dying Light Offers Playable Zombies as Preorder Exclusive

Dying Light Offers Playable Zombies as Preorder Exclusive

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Dying Light's only competitive gampelay mode will give players control of its powerful night hunter zombies.

There are a great many zombie games out there, but only a handful in which you play as the undead themselves. Left 4 Dead's Versus mode was among the first, while Call of Duty Zombies only started offering the feature this year. Lately though, these examples are becoming more and more common, with even Techland's survival-horror-parkour title Dying Light among their numbers. The game's sole competitive mode, "Be The Zombie", puts players in control of the night hunters, one of Dying Light's most powerful enemy types. If that sounds fun to you however, make sure to buy Dying Light before release day; "Be the Zombie" mode will only be available at launch as a pre-order exclusive.

Dying Light's "Be the Zombie" sends a team of night hunters, the genetically-enhanced zombie class, into a map to stalk and kill a traditional human team. While humans can presumably take advantage of Dying Light's parkour gameplay, night hunters can move faster, make leap attacks, and attach to surfaces using their grappling tendrils. Night hunter players can also upgrade their skills with a zombie-specific skill tree, unlocking new abilities as human players are killed

It's not unusual to have extra features included as preorder bonuses, but locking out an entire gameplay mode might be disappointing to anyone who reads reviews before buying. Sure, the mode will probably be re-released as DLC eventually, but by that point early customers will have a distinct advantage over new players. Then again, maybe that's a good thing; playing as a weak human against all-powerful zombie mobs could be even more visceral and intense than even Techland originally intended. We'll just have to wait until 2014 to find out, when Dying Light launches for PC, PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, and Xbox One.

Source: Polygon


Locking one of two groups for your only versus multiplayer mode to being an exclusive rather than free dlc with preorder sounds a little extreme.

This is... really stupid. Playing as a zombie sounds fun, but I already took a risk on the last "open" world zombie game and was let down. I'm not risking sixty more bucks preordering a second one.

This is kind of like if you pre-order TF2 you will get to play as the Red Team! If you don't you can only play as the Blu Team. In other words the stupidest thing I have ever heard.

This is a multiplayer thing, you WANT as many people playing at is possible because that's the only way multiplayer will ever succeed, with a strong playerbase. You NEVER want to split your online community or even worse in this case basically make multiplayer an exclusive thing for one group within your playerbase.

Nobody will want to play this because they will always be on the receiving end of things. Imagine if L4D's versus mode DIDN'T switch after each act, but instead demanded that you finish the entire campaign first and then just never gave you a chance for vengeance on your friends or random people unless you bought this 10$ DLC pack? It would have tanked hard because those crucial first few months nobody would be playing versus.

Be warned. L4D had more modes than just versus, but it would have suffered incredibly had it taken this route. When your ONLY mode is versus? I can't even imagine the giant bomb multiplayer ends up being.

I was actually looking forward to this game. I really was. But now...

Coming up next on "Greedy Devs/Publishers" Call of Duty and Battlefield multiplayer modes are now pre-order exclusive items!!

In all seriousness though, Fuck Techland. This is the WORST thing I've seen in a while. And this is coming after all the "Fee to Pay" crap. I couldn't care less if they release this as DLC, they can go chug whatever they find under the kitchen sink.

"survival-horror-parkour title"
God damnit. Every time I hear there's a new zombie game I want to complain about how the genre should be dead by now, but then shit like this happens. That sounds interesting.

Also, that pre-order thing is bullshit.

Pre-ordering and getting a map pack, fine. Getting a car, weapon or armor for use in single player, cool. But a Difficulty (looking at you metro last light) or a multiplayer game mode? Won't say you lost a customer in me as I didn't want this game anyway...but still.... why was this even considered as pre-order content?

why was this even considered as pre-order content?

Because every publisher/developer wants to separate themselves from the pack. Even if doing so means making themselves out to be total assess. But more than likely, they hired some marketing/consulting firm to tell them what would help them get the most pre-orders, and the out of touch consultant pulled this out of their ass, pitched it to the suits, took their money and went home while they ate it up.


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