SimCity Mac Launch Runs Into Trouble

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This is funny and all, but it's also quite a shame. EA did rather a lot in the space of a few weeks to earn them some good karma and try to fix up their reputation; however quickly they resolve these Mac issues and however small the percentage of affected users is, surely for the most part the bad press from this will just override any good they were able to do.

I know right?

I was really rather surprised and pleased about the turnaround EA seemed to be doing with a few good moves...

Well, at least they are used to things not working.
And ea is probably using same crappy system that it use for PC hence the problems.

I'm certain all 5 people who bought it are just terribly disappointed.

I think I love you, that just made my morning xD

Say it actually works out in a couple of months... Does anybody know if interaction between Mac users and PC users will be allowed?

Is it possible that Maxis didn't actually port the game to Mac at all and just repackaged the PC failure? If they have been working on the Mac version for months and can't get that right, then they should probably leave the industry or start work on a spiritual successor to Big Rigs.

Just a little PSA you can get a refund

But i mean come on who expected this to work in the first place?

EA figured any sales for this game, would be from people who don't read gaming news, so they wouldn't know what a piece of shit it is.

Sadly (I liked simcity 2000), I hope this is the last we hear of this game.

I must congratulate EA, never before has there been such an authentic and accurate port of a AAA game from one platform to another.

You, sir, win the Internets. All of the Internets.

Seriously, EA. You had one job, and yet you STILL manage to screw up the launch of a title that people legitimately still wanted despite the bad press on a platform that is in desperate need for good games. I mean... what's wrong with you guys?

It appears that EA gives no fucks.
So why should its potential customers?

I wonder how many fuckups or signs of contempt EA has to provide before people finally realize that maybe it's not a good idea to keep giving them money.

Maybe it's time for EA to hang up the coding pads and sell their rights to games. Because apparently they can't make a decent game or port it to another system for that matter.

But I'm already done with the whole Simshity disaster. It's waiting for Battlefield 4 to bomb, and then they come full circle and it's adiós for EA.

Why would anyone actually buy it in the first place? Surely the PC launch would be a good indication that EA has no fucking idea what they're doing?

WOW...Just WOW...

Anyone besides me thinking the Sims 4 is kinda rushed out because of the flop that is the Simcity 2013?

I don't think so.Its the same interval.
The Sims came out 2000
The Sims 2 came out 2004.
The Sims 3 came out 2009.
The Sims 4 is releasing 2014.
As you see its on target to start milking people for the same expansions on the newer game.

oh for god sake. Are they really that stupid that they managed to fuck it up TWICE.
Why does EA keep proving that all the worst stuff we have said about it is true. Its like the strive and exist so that we have something to complain about.

Is this even news? This was like the tides wiping a sand castle away on a beach....
And if someone said they didn't see this coming, they must be blind.

I feel like they should almost send out this notice with every game these days.

Every publisher:
There are a small number of players who have encountered issues with Game for Platform. Our live team is working individually with our players to resolve their issues and get them into the game as quickly as possible.

I think I will get my friend (He is building a game) to satirise this within the oppening credits.

In short, You are right, I agree with you on every level and once again I wish the Escapist had some form of upvote feature.

*goes back to reddit/sleep. Because they are the same place.*

I must congratulate EA, never before has there been such an authentic and accurate port of a AAA game from one platform to another.

Good one.

Anyways, it's kind of sad that the same problems are happening to the same game to this day. Oh well.

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