Xbox One Supports All Payment Methods for Indie Games

Xbox One Supports All Payment Methods for Indie Games

ID@Xbox program supports free-to-play, microtransactions, and premium pricing.

Microsoft continues to work with independent game developers for the Xbox One, announcing they will treat indie games like all other titles. Chris Carla, Microsoft's portfolio director for digital games, said the ID@Xbox program enables "every business model that any other game on Xbox One has." Games are no different and will all have "full Gamerscore, full Achievements, can take advantage of SmartGlass, Kinect - if you can do it with an Xbox One game, you can do it with anything that comes through the ID@Xbox program. That's like a fundamental tenet of the program."

The program gives independent developers retail Xbox One consoles as developer kits. While Xbox One will not have the functionality for self-publishing by launch date, Microsoft stated it will be available later on. Self-publishing will also have no fees for developers to pay.

The independent game scene has grown over the year. Unsurprisingly, Microsoft, Sony, and Nintendo are all competing for the trust of independent game developers after pushing them away in the past. With more ways to fundraise and use social media to spread the word, independent developers are able to more easily create the games they want to play and try things that major AAA titles are not willing to risk doing. Ignoring the presence of indie games can only hurt major publishing companies. Microsoft, Sony, Nintendo, and now the OUYA as well would be foolish not to get more independent developers publishing on their consoles.

Source: Joystiq


Xbox seem to have lost a LOT of indie devs and the lineup for PS4 in terms of indie games is insanely superior right now (according to IGN anyway, I spent most of last night trawling the future games for both consoles). Hopefully this will give it a bit of a shift, I still don't really trust Microsoft all that much with the ability to reverse decisions likely allowed (looking at PS3 and the Linux debacle) but I don't want a complete flop and more support for indie devs is a good thing imo, even if it's a little circumspect...

Well at least they put time in supporting something at launch, them first perfecting the art of taking your money is a little worrying but hey it's a start.

Well at least they put time in supporting something at launch, them first perfecting the art of taking your money is a little worrying but hey it's a start.

That's what I found rather funny, the ONE thing they got correct right off the back was how to take your money..... shows us what they think of their customers, as open wallets.

and thats first good news from microsoft since may? yay i guess. and even then it may not be such a good things if it means what microsoft often mean by payment methods.

What XBone will not do: Allow you to play the games you own in the way you want to play them.

What XBone will do: Take your money.

Why don't they start by giving the money back that they got from bullying developers with their 40k cost to patch games? Microsoft has a habit of making things their way or no way. This time, I'm walking away and never looking back. They can keep their brown, dime a dozen shooter exclusives and glorified QTE micro transaction game.

Last generation microsoft proved they are the worst company imaginable to me, with their shoddy hardware and terrible business practices. They wanted to do it again and be even worse, and the only reason they changed their tune was consumer backlash. They WILL eventually reverse everything once people commit enough. This is microsoft were talking about, they proved they don't give a shit about us.


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