Indie Horror Claire Will Leave You Dying In The Dark

Indie Horror Claire Will Leave You Dying In The Dark

Luckily your German Shepherd's here to keep you safe. For now.

If you're looking for an indie horror title to soothe the itching in your brain, take a squint at Claire, which is seeking Steam Greenlight approval. You play as Claire, as she tries to find her way out of a nightmare world almost exactly like our own, were it not for the twisted shadows. Something terrible lurks in the darkness, and it's your job to keep Claire safe from it, but at least your faithful dog will keep you company. Unless something goes wrong.

You'll be spending a lot of your time trying to redeem the people you meet out there in the dark, in hope it will help you later on. Your German Shepherd's a faithful friend, alerting you to enemies and finding things in the vents, as well as keeping you company when it all gets too much. And it will, since the visuals change as Claire gets more frightened, which means the game gets worse and worse as Claire starts to come apart at the seams. You'll be playing as Claire at several different ages, from child to adulthood, and there are multiple endings which you'll earn depending on your choices and who you managed to redeem.

Fancy a look? This one's due October/November 2013 and, if you happen to be a Steam fan, now might be a good time to vote for it. Otherwise be patient; this will be a PC, Mac and Linux title, when it finally launches.

Source: Hailstorm Games


Hmm, well I liked Lone Survivor and that was a side scrolling survival horror. I will certainly vote for it, seeing as it looks pretty interesting.

I hope the control system won't be as frustrating as Lone Survivor's though.

This looks legit, definite thumbs up!

I hope we see more reporting on Steam greenlight games. Seems a bit unfair to just single one out and advertise it as pretty much all positive even though it's alpha.

Hmm. Seems pretty interesting, it has my attention. Will check it out closer to release date.


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