Apple Fans Camp Out For iPhone That Doesn't Exist Yet

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Wow, I already considered people who buy Apple products fucking retarded, but this still manages to baffle me.

Amen Sister!

This sort of stuff makes me facepalm hard, I'm sure these twits have jobs and other expenses to worry about too, like rent and food. The way just another same phone with a new feature or two is not worth a $500 price tag.

This. This is why I HATE Apple products and those that use them. This has got to be some type of publicity stunt. Right? Right?

Oh God tell me I am right, I don't want to believe we have reached this level of idiocy as a species.

Evil Smurf:
At least they can make friends with each other.

There is no way to read this in a way that doesn't perfectly suit the cat avatar.

OT: How... how many weeks of supplies are we talking about? D:

That would mean those two (who aren't on assignment) have absolutely 0 going on in there life. I mean, if it wasn't for my voluntary work I would spend all my time gaming but these two are literally waiting for about a month for a fucking phone.

I felt like a tool waiting 3 hours for the first black ops at a midnight launch, doing nothing for weeks except wait is kind of disgusting to me.

It reminds me of that scumbag Steve and Stacey pic I saw, "lives on welfare but has latest iphone" cos if you can afford to camp outside a store for weeks, you can't have a job... Unless you use a few weeks holiday to wait...

I'm sort of an Apple person myself when it comes to the technology they are related to, but this...Oh, come on, this is just stupid. This is taking Apple fanaticism to a new low.

As a side note, I've always viewed Apple products as the product you buy when you want to put a lot down on a single payment but not have to make a new one for a few years longer than you would otherwise, allowing you to spend less in the long run. It's been a few years since I last bought an Apple product, and the two (Macbook and iPod) I got a few years ago are both still running like they are brand new. To me, that's why you would ever bother to pay the extra money for a product that is often just as powerful, if not less powerful, than its competitors (well, Apple products tend to be aesthetically pleasing and easier to use, but those are sort of moot points for anyone who knows how to use their technology beyond the most basic of functions). Once you start buying a new one every year, you take away the very reason of why you would ever bother to pay extra in the first place away (assuming the person doesn't buy the product due to technological incompetency).

Of course, some stores run a "trade in phone, get X% off new one" deal, but that still is a waste of money if your old one is perfectly functional, which I'm sure at least 90% of these iPhones getting traded in are.

I just find it funny that they will be creating an abitrary line outside the shop while people are constantly going in and out of the shop in front of them to use it.

That's just bizarre.

Also couldn't they just wait and then line up outside a smaller Apple shop somewhere in America less crowded than Manhatten freaking island. Do they start selling at the same time, or is there some sort of priority with this particular store?

Also, my phone has a polyphonic ring tone and plays snake. Still sends and receives calls and texts as well as any iphone.

So do these...people(?)... have jobs? They must have if they can afford to buy a luxury phone with a different letter on the end of its name, but they musn't if they can potentially take weeks off to sit outside a shop to buy expensive tat.

They're like the real-world equivalent of people who post 'first'. No one likes them and no one remembers them.

You have enough money to shell out for the latest-of-the-latest iPhone, and you have enough time on your hands to squander that you can camp out in front of an Apple store for days or weeks for no real purpose.

...Either I'm getting indigestion, or I despise you with the heat of a thousand burning suns.

The hell is wrong with these people. Buy one ipod, buy on iphone, buy one ipad, buy one ianything and stop buying shit you don't need. Fucking hell. And they even camp out waiting for new stuff? Fucking hell. I have one fucking ipod and that's way more than enough so I can carry my music about. What does this iphone have? One extra button?

Obviously, they don't have jobs because people who actually work treat their money (or at least their time spent to earn them) with some respect, and aren't willing to throw them away without any thought.
At least high five to businessmen who camp best spots to sell them later.

When they get their new iphone 5S they should go back in the line and camp out for the iphone 6

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