Join The Escapist Live for Hearthstone!

Join The Escapist Live for Hearthstone!

Hearthstone Streaming

Whether you're in the beta, or just curious about the game, check out our Hearthstone live stream at 3pm today!

From time to time, we here at The Escapist like to play games. It's hard work, admittedly, but it is our duty to bring you the best games coverage around, which requires having actually played said games. Most recently, Blizzard's upcoming virtual CCG facsimile, Hearthstone has really caught our eye. Greg Tito, Janelle Bonanno, and I have all been playing religiously since we got into the beta, and thought you might enjoy getting a glimpse of the action.

To that end, starting at 3pm Eastern today, we'll be streaming a couple of hours of random pick up matches in Hearthstone on our Twitch channel. Check out the stream, join the chat, offer your gameplay advice, or just let us know your favorite class, so we can showcase it for you.

Today shall be a more informal affair, introducing you to the basics of Hearthstone and learning the ropes with various classes. This Friday, September 13, however, we'll be going all in with the Arena starting at 3pm. Want to see what the Arena is all about? Check back on Friday to see the action live!

For now, though, check us out right here!


Will there be giveaways?

I've watched tons and tons of hearthstone videos on youtube. However, that's basically enough for me. I've been so overloaded with hearthstone content from all my youtube subs and livestreams I'm already burnt out on the game - even though I've never played it.

If Blizz would have given regular, non internet famous people a chance to play the beta maybe I would have gotten more into it. But as it stands now, Hearthstone is a dirty word to me. I've just lost all interest in it.


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