Chair Would Love to Make a Shadow Complex Sequel Someday

Chair Would Love to Make a Shadow Complex Sequel Someday

Chair hasn't forgotten about their long lost Shadow Complex sequel, but they're in no hurry to pick up where they left off.

Before they broke the bank with Infinity Blade, developer Chair Entertainment was best known as "that team who made Shadow Complex." Originally released for XBLA in 2009, Shadow Complex, was one of the first Xbox Live Arcade success stories, releasing to critical acclaim and record-breaking sales. Though there was a talk of a sequel in the wake of the first game's success, Shadow Complex 2 seemed to be one of those games that just fell through the cracks.

In the wake of announcing Infinity Blade 3 earlier this week, Chair CEO Donald Mustard told Gamespot that, even though his team isn't working on Shadow Complex 2, the project still hasn't left his thoughts:

"We certainly love Shadow Complex. As much as there are fans out there that want more Shadow Complex, I promise they don't want it more than we do," Mustard said. "We want it more than anyone. When the time is right, we sure hope to return to the Shadow Complex series."

According to Epic Games designer Cliff Bleszinski, Shadow Complex 2 was not only in the works, but almost completed. It seems that Epic put production on hold when Mustard and company came up with the idea for Infinity Blade. In a 2011 interview with Gamasutra, Bleszinski revealed that the sequel was "largely designed" and could be released if Epic and Chair found a new studio to help wrap up the project. Obviously they never found the right team for the job.

Source: Gamespot


Well, they should port the first game to the PC first. I mean, sure, they could do a sequel, but at this point it's not going to do them any good unless they remind current and new audiences that Shadow Complex exists.

Can we get a version that isn't saturated with Orson Scott Card's xenophobia?

And I'd love for them to make a sequel. Providing it's not an xbone exclusive.

I finished the game twice when I still had the 360, I even finished it in Insane and I loved every minute of it.

And yet, I'm still hoping for a PC release, I'd definitely wouldn't mind finishing it another couple of times.

If they ever release the sequel (wich for the sound of it it's a possibility), I hope they port it to PC, alongside the first game.


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