Fox News Begins Two-Part Series Linking Games to Mass Murder

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Are there still people that take Fox News seriously? Fox is nothing more than a parody news network by now.

I know its silly, but considering the atrocious behavior of gamers online, its not surprising.

This is such bullshit, I'm getting sick and tired of this bloody argument, and not just for the standard obvious reason of "I just marathoned all four god of war games, and I'm yet to kill a child", no, this is bullshit because people should be better than this. Over the past one hundred years humanity has advanced so far both technologically and socially, people are working hard to try and stop sexism, racism, classim, and all the other horrible isms there are, some countries are putting aside their petty differences, bleh, without getting too preachy my point is we're not doing to badly as a sentient race (yeah I get there's some pretty nasty shit still happening, but work with me here, this is just an intro). So for people to get so hooked up over games is ridiculous, turn around to someone today and tell them that Catcher in the rye was the reason John Lennon was shot, so all books are bad for children, and they'll laugh in your face....Urgh I wish people would just use their heads a little more...

Not so much related to the "Do video games turn children into Jason Vorhees (spelling?)" argument, but why does the argument never turn to the parents? We always here about how terrible video games are for children, and about the devilish retailers who gladly sell to our precious children (which is utter bullshit), but we never here about the parents who literally just buy whatever their children ask for.

I work for a video game retailer in the UK and I have to say I was absolutely appalled at the amount of people who have brought GTAV for their children without checking the games content at all, to the point when I say something like "oh just so you know this is an 18 because reasons" and they often reply with "oh yeah, well it's on their list", or "well all their friends are playing it", or even "Are you sure? They told me it dosn't have those reasons in it at all", the last one sometimes results in me being called a liar, working in retail sucks sometimes haha. But my point is it would be much more difficult for Children to place these "Training Simulators" if their parents didn't buy them for their children, and took a more active role know..parenting their children, stuff like making sure a friend hasn't brought them "lets genocide three" etc, etc. Around the world their are age restrictive laws designed for this very reason, where I work, it is actually against UK law for me to sell an age restricted game to someone who cannot prove they are over said age, and it's not just a slap on the wrist affair, oh no, while I don't remember the exact punishment (feel free to correct me here) I can receive two to four months in prison, a fine that is somewhere in the thousands of pounds, and a criminal record. So yeah it's pretty serious, What I am getting at here is it is nigh impossible for a child to go and purchase a "dangerous game", stupid parents need to be educated on what the age restriction means, and in the words of the great Stan Lee, Nuff said.

(Apologies I got a little carried away with this)

TLDR version: I don't agree with Fox ^^

Fox News can't be taken seriously anyway, I highly doubt they'll gett something out of this.

**** Faux News and their mother. I can disprove this "theory" in two sentances.

Gaming is more popular now than it has ever been. The Average rate of violent crime in America is dropping.

You like that? And I'm not even on TV.

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