World of Warcraft's Most Popular Names Include Arthas, Sephiroth

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My Warcraft characters name is entirely unique. *leans back*

Never seen anyone mimic it.

In any MMO.

Really rather proud of that actually....

I try to name all my characters in MMOs as actual characters - it kind of ruins the whole immersion factor when XXweedking69XX or "Arthas' Son" is running around next to you.

Paarthurnax - Worgen Deathknight
Glaukos - Pandaren Warrior (Horde)
Resia - Blood Elf Mage
Grif - Human Hunter
Knoxville - Human Paladin

Only 2 of these was based off of a character. (By the way these are my character's name.)

Taunta - Pandaren Hunter (Horde)
Arkka - BE Priest
Artiio - Tauren Druid
Ninkii - Goblin Shaman
Sublunar - BE Death Knight
And for the life of me I forgot the name of my Pandaren monk. It's been a while.

Only two of those are unoriginal (Artio is a mythical goddess of bears, and Sublunar is, well, a real word) and I'm proud to say that my death knight does not have a macabre name.

My first WoW character waaaaay back at release was 'Someoneelse'

Because if you're going to talk about me, Im going to make it annoying for you.

After checking EU and US bnet, I found out I have 2 of the 6 characters named Humonard(also the only ones to reach a lvl cap).
This is weird considering how easy it was to got the name:

I have Apis, Hapis, Serapis, and TheApis as my main Tauren characters. Sadly TherAPISt was rejected.

My main is called Gumibear / Pandaren Monk

Not surprising, even I fell into that "Gotta have an edgy and dark name" camp. Glad I moved past that.

Hehe, this was the only way I was ever different from the avarage WoW player, in that all my chars names were along the lines of stuff I liked the sound of, hence "inky", "manoeuvre"
And my personal fave, "swash"

I was a happy bunny.

OT: doesn't surprise me, Grimdark has always been in the hearts of pre teens...

While I am pretty crappy at thinking up original names, I do at least have one original name I use occasionally. Rika Kaileigh.

I didn't use that name when I played WoW though, instead I went with Myria, my alts names being Lichkeit and Judecca (that one worrying my slightly as it was a two fold reference, one of which might have been skirting the rules a bit).

In FF14 my main goes by Koudelka Lasant.

I'd much rather see players naming themselves after other characters than see people running around with handles like "longschlong" "pres obama" or "thanks obama". I wish I was making those up, but sadly I'm not.

I like how RP servers having more unique names is considered worthy of mention. Firstly, you'd expect it anyway, and now that I think about it didn't WoW have rules about characters having to have "real" names?

I generally name my characters after an obscure characters from warhammer 40k, historical figures, or something that pertains to the class.

My characters are:

Ghazghkull - Orc Warrior *Reference to Ghazghkull Magg Uruk Thraka
Gorkamungus - Orc Shaman *Reference to the Warhamer Orc god, Gork
Marxist - Orc Rogue *Because reasons
Engels - Tauren Priest *Because companion with Marx
Ghaandi - Tauren Druid *No idea why
Canonize - Blood Elf Paladin *To canonize means "To make scripture holy", since it's a paladin
Nihilian - Orc Warlock *Obscure Chaos sorcerer name
Anggrath - Orc Deathknight *Demon Guard of Khorne
Shongmao - Pandaren Monk *Means "Panda Bear" in Mandarin, my native language.

I put a lot of thought and time into my character names.

I generally go for RP-like names with characters on MMOs I play. If possible, I'll try to make sure it fits with the race's name standards. It's a bit more difficult if the race is known for having short names which can be difficult to grab. If that happens, I'll try to make up a last name or title for them. I will sometimes make exceptions with humans/human-like characters where I'll just use random options if a random button is available. Also, I'm curious to know how many variations of "Po" or "Kungfu Panda" may exist since the release of Mists o Pandaria. A lot of people assumed servers would be flooded with such characters XD.

I like how RP servers having more unique names is considered worthy of mention. Firstly, you'd expect it anyway, and now that I think about it didn't WoW have rules about characters having to have "real" names?

Last time I played, they did have those rules on the RP servers, but it wasn't enforced. At least, that's what I've heard from friends who have played longer than I have.

The lack of Hodors is depressing.

Yea, it's no surprise. I saw a guild named Warriors of War once.

For me however WoWnaming was an ART FORM; whether it was Lockrobster, Powerthirst, Gimmeyoass, Goteamretard ...

Then the flaggings happened.

Wasn't the problem that WoW didn't allow spaces in the name? So after a while it could take a while to find a name that wasn't already taken. I had that problem with SWTOR, every name I tried was taken. Not to mention that every name in their stupid random name generator was taken as well. I eventually found a name in a foreign book of baby names, and even that took about a dozen different attempts. Took me at least an hour just to get that one name.

But my great MMO love was the late City of Heroes. That was an alt-aholics dream. Originally the game allowed for 88 different characters (8 per server/11 servers), grew to 132 with City of Villans (+4 characters per server), and by the games end (if you bought the extra slots and were a subscriber) you could have 768 characters (48 per server/16 servers). But the devs didn't put up with ripping off names from other sources. Even trying to misspell or add extra extra characters didn't always work. If you picked something obscure (like I did a few times) you would probably get away with it, but the devs made it very easy to report obvious name stealing. All you had to do was send in a /petition with the characters name and where they ripped it off from and within 48 hours they would become Generic Hero 5713 5648 6518.

As for my CoH character names, there were a few duplicates across a few servers but otherwise I tried to give each one an original name. Warning, list is kinda long.

I would bet hard money that the overwhelming majority of players with trademarked character names are Blood Elves.

Not being snippy, I like the Blood Elves and I'm pretty much "Horde for life." But even I roll my eyes whenever LFG puts me in a group with a Belf named "Narutoe."

It's a matter of pride that my main character has managed to go the entire run of the game with a unique name.
That's not to say I don't fall into the goofy name trap on occasion. I've rolled more than a couple of Trolls named Glowskull in my time.

I'm aware of at least one gnome named, I shit you not, "Gnohomo".

At the time of this writing, I'm still the only Khamke in WoW, which is sort of neat. Turns out its an actual name (Indian/Tibetian?) which I had no idea of when I made my toon, just sounded like a name a Tauren might have. Pretty much all my characters have RP-suitable names (being that most are on an RP server) but even though I moved Khamke to a PvP realm recently, and even though he became a Troll and so the name doesn't quite suit him RP-wise, I still couldn't bring myself to use the name change that comes with a transfer.

There's just something compelling about having an identity (or name, at least) in such a large game that is literally unique.

Though on the topic of clever names, I think my favorite one I've seen recently was the Tauren Feral Druid 'Milkyrips'. I'm not even into stoner culture but the name working on 3 levels really struck me as funny (Rip is one of the main abilities that Feral Druids use, and Milky should be obvious as relates to being a cow person).

I shall admit in shame that my first Star Trek Online Character's name was Mackenzie Calhoun, and the ship was the Excalibur.
Sound familiar?

Athena? That's a big surprise. Is there a big cultural show/book in the US that I don't know about? It seems weird that they'd settle on that one goddess (especially since it's a single-gender female name)

She's also simply one of the most well known gods of the pantheon. Sure, people know of Zeus but, for whatever reason, don't particularly like him - maybe his penchant for animal themed rape has something to do with it.

I had several WoW characters and, except for one, I just used the character name generator for them because I suck at thinking of names. The only one I didn't use the name generator for was my Human Paladin named Gotthew.

Steven Bogos:
while the druids of World of Warcraft officially win the "creativity of a rock" award, as the most popular druid player name is simply "druid".

I think the history of the dr00d class may have something to do with that. They're like the redheaded stepchildren of WoW. For one reason or another, they've always had some sort of stigma to them.

Even moreso than Paladins.

The uncreative names probably came from people who only played one to faff about, or exploit the class that was flavor of the month... those rare times when druids were flavor of the month, anyway.

I say this as a former druid main. I actually liked the class. :p I found other classes... boring.

I really miss name policies in fantasy games. I'll admit to having fun naming characters that I didn't really plan on taking seriously. Don't currently play WoW, but I have a druid named Standin that was meant to be exactly that. I do have fun with pet names though. My favorites being a crab named GarlicButter and a bear named CrankySteve.

Eclectic Dreck:

Athena? That's a big surprise. Is there a big cultural show/book in the US that I don't know about? It seems weird that they'd settle on that one goddess (especially since it's a single-gender female name)

She's also simply one of the most well known gods of the pantheon. Sure, people know of Zeus but, for whatever reason, don't particularly like him - maybe his penchant for animal themed rape has something to do with it.

Someone pointed out that Athene was a very famous and controversial WoW figure, so a lot of it is probably based around him

so someone called "drachen" (german for dragon) get's into detail about "creativity" ...yeah sounds right

Back when I still played Star Trek Online my primary character was a Federation Klingon named G'ku and had ships named the USS Kamehameha, USS Four Star, USS Shenron, USS Nyoibo, and the USS Flying Nimbus.

Creative aren't I? :

And the MMO community doesn't surprise me yet again. They're known for quite a couple things, but creative names aren't exactly one of them.

My DK's name is ActionBastard. Because why not? Seriously how could you ever go wrong with a tank that goes by that name?

Steven Bogos:
An analysis of 120,000 World of Warcraft player names across multiple realms reveals how creatively dead we all are.

The conclusion from the actual paper:

The research presented here provides evidence for a staggering variety in the names
chosen by players of WOW- 3.8 million unique names in a sample of 7.93 million,
which is notably remarkable given the restrictions imposed. It highlights the imagina-
tiveness employed in naming characters, indirectly supporting earlier work such as [6,
19] in concluding that the choices made during the character creation process are im-
portant to the players.

Pretty much the exact opposite of what this article claims.

RJ 17:
Back in my days with WoW, I never bothered with coming up with a name on my own. Instead I'd just click on the built-in random name generator until I found one that I liked. That's how I ended up with a Warlock named "Rope", a Mage named "Chair", a Paladin named "Walk", a Priest named "Food" (think that would have been more appropriate for my mage *insert drum rimshot* :P), and various other classes with various other random words as their names. Seriously, I'd say at least 10% of the random name generator is just filled with random words.

Sounds like you read that old penny arcade comic about WoW names heh.

As for me? I always put a stupid amount of time into naming my characters, well most of them. My first wow characters name was just my name with "pk" at the end; creative no? After a couple years, burning crusade was released, so I started up a new character and named him after the main character of a book series I read a while back. He was my belf mage, and I stuck with him till today. I dont play WoW much anymore, but I get an inkling to play from time to time.

Anyways, I tended to look up old gods of specific religions and cultures to help name the specific character I was playing. Same thing with words that correlated with the characters race and class. If it was a tauren, I would try to make it sound "taureny". My tauren paladin was named after an native american tribe's word for "sun" or "the dawn". I did stuff like that with a lot of my characters names.

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