Elite: Dangerous Trailer Offers Glimpse of Space Combat

Elite: Dangerous Trailer Offers Glimpse of Space Combat

A new trailer for Elite: Dangerous shows demonstrates how combat could potentially look in the actual game.

Back in January, Frontier Developments managed to raised nearly 1.6 million on Kickstarter that it's since been using to build Elite: Dangerous, a follow-up to the classic space sim, Elite. Fans of the original Elite games were understandably excited to see the franchise granted a new lease on life and now, they've been given a first peek at what the game's combat might look like.

The game's developers recently released a concept video originally created to inspire composers vying for the reins of the game's soundtrack. While the video also contains music by the winning musician, Erasmus Talbot, the focus of many fans' curiosity has understandably been how close the visuals in the video, depicting a sometimes first person space battle, are to the actual game.

Responding to questions on the studio's forums, senior producer Michael Brookes offered some clarification. "It's a mixture of both [in-game engine and promo]," he said. "It's all captured in-game, but there is some post processing and the cockpit is a mock-up (we're implementing it in-game as we speak)." In other words, the game's actual combat could look like this, kinda sorta. According to Brookes, Frontier will shortly be releasing a supplementary video that will break down the current trailer "from an art perspective." He also confirmed that combat in the video "has been compressed" and that "things won't be so easy to kill" in the actual game.

Source: Official Elite Forums


Looked fun

I didnt get in on the kickstarter as their pitch seemed a bit iffy, but if this all pans out I look forward to supporting them post release!

Reminded me of the last level of Killzone 3. NOt that that's a good thing, but visually similar.

Looks quite nice, with a much greater feel (than the old Elite) for the difference in scale between capital ships and one-man fighters (those Mambas in the video).

Hmmm... Come January I may need to put in the minimum amount into getting the beta. Star Citizen has taken all of my immediate space-sim budget but I could certainly toss in 30 bucks. The comparisons will be inevitable but I don't care. I'm going to be getting two games out of my favorite game genre pretty soon! :D


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