Dishonored's Arkane Hiring For Next Gen Project

Dishonored's Arkane Hiring For Next Gen Project


What is it? Wouldn't we all like to know.

If you're one of the many who played Dishonored and absolutely loved it, then you may have wondered what it takes to work for Arkane Studios, the folks who made it and are working like madmen to get the Game of the Year edition out the door. Well, if you're willing to live in Austin you may get your chance to find out, as Arkane's hiring people for an unnamed next generation project. Programmers, artists and engineering types are encouraged to give Arkane a call; or, if you happen to be fonder of France than Texas, Arkane's also looking for level architects, level designers, system designers and a senior AI programmer for its Lyon office.

Arkane Austin's looking for 11 named positions, and also has a general application out for "exceptional game industry veterans" who might be interested in making Arkane their new home. Nope, there's nothing in the job descriptions that gives a hint of what you'll be working on, beyond "an upcoming AAA PC and next-generation console title." Lyon's only looking for 4 people at the moment.

Dishonored was a brilliant experience, and Arkane deserved every award it took, from the BAFTA to GDC's Audience Choice. What will it come up with next? Only time will tell, but a few new hires in Austin will find out before the rest of us.

Source: Bethesda Blog


If I had to guess, it would be Prey 2 that those good old "press sneak fucks" ended up leaking.

I'm still disappointed that never really caught on, by the way.

I hope it's an expanded universe sequel to Dishonored. While Dishonored itself doesn't need a sequel the world is begging to be made into a massive franchise.


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