Mega Man 2 Lullabies Will Sooth You to Sleep

Mega Man 2 Lullabies Will Sooth You to Sleep

Hoping to make some gamer friendly music for his son, a man transformed the Mega Man 2 soundtrack into an album of lullabies.

We are, generally, on the side of letting children grow up to discover their own interests, tastes and place in the world. Even so, it's more than understandable that parents would want to share the things they love with their kids and bond over similar interests. That being the case, there are ways of indoctrinating your child in your particular fandom that are more subtle (and perhaps more effective) than simply forcing them into something you enjo. For instance, if you're a Mega Man fan and hope that your offspring will one day also learn to love the Blue Bomber, it's now possible to have them drifting off to sleep each night to lullaby versions of the songs from Mega Man 2.

Created by a father for his young son, it might seem odd at first for a soundtrack as lively and energetic as Mega Man 2's to be mined for material to make music soothing enough to put a person to sleep. That said, if you give the album a listen you'll find that it actually works really well. With the exception of a few songs that are perhaps a bit too fast to serve the prescribed snooze-time service, most deftly ride the line between recognizable and soothing.

Honestly, as the father of a young daughter, these lullabies are a treat. In fact, they really drive home how much I'd love to see videogames make similar appearances in other sects of the baby products market. I can't see any reason, for instance, why Pamper's can't release a Mega Man line of diapers. With all the vastly more vapid content currently being slapped on children's everything, we could do a lot worse.

Source: Mega Man 2 Lullabies via Polygon


Sweet and geeky. Also, Wily 1 just sounds awesome in any iteration. Reminded me a bit of "Dr. Wily's Wedding" by the way (which is obviously a bigger production but has a similar soft style to it):

Not properly played Mega man but God do I love the music and these are just awesome...Now if we could get it for all the final fantasys that'd be great.

Slowest Dr. Wily Stage music ever FTW,

Off topic: I hope mighty no. 9 has music as epic as the classic MegaMan games

These are all gorgeous. I really need to take piano lessons again and stick with them this time. @_@

Wow. I'm surprised. These songs sound really calming for the most part. And it seems that Mega Man fans are being better to the blue bomber than the people who made him.

Oh, and "enjo"? Who enjos games and their music? I don't even know what that means.


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