Creepy Clown Stalks English Town

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And this ladies and gentlemen is how you are supposed to troll. this guy is perfect. if he has a long running plan - even better.

Creepy clown is redundant.

Wait, does this mean there are other kinds of clowns?

George Osborn lives in Northhampton?

*Squints* or is it Nick Cleg?

Why are people so afraid of clowns? They're clowns! They're just people in silly make up and funky outfits! Maybe I'm not the one to talk though, I am afraid of Dentists and Dentistry in general. If this where a Creepy Dentist, then I would be afraid.

Many Americans my age saw the movie "It" when they were young and Pennywise scared the absolute shit out of them. Myself, I had to read the book to get over my fear. Good read, btw.

OT: I think he's funny. Scaring people without doing anything really strange is awesome.

Paddy the Second:
If this does turn out to be an IT type situation Northampton's other famous son Alan Moore should be able to handle it, what with being a wizard and all.

Couldn't have said it better myself. Let him work his magic against any and all dark arts that threaten the well being of The Queen!


Dante dynamite:
I'd like to see someone try that here they'd probably get killed in an hour by fire since people would think that the clown was some sort of demon

In America they'd call the police, and then when he "approached the officers" to tell them what he was doing they'd shoot him for "threatening behavior."

Then he'd be on our burgeoning local news segment "Cops = Facepalm."

You think that's bad in my case after people kill the clown they pay the cops the equivalent of $100 to make the problem go away

. . . I'm sorry, I just have to write this here:

"Excuse me, do you have a Prince Albert in a can? You do?! Well you better let the poor guy out!"

This sounds like something out of Hot Fuzz! (Remember the unwelcome statue person?)

There was a clown
In an English ̞̖̟̎̌t̙̦̬̖̹͕̦̠͉ͧ̂́͊͞o̴̶̖͓͖͇͐ͯͯ̇͊w͈̹̰̠͕͆̒̕n̶̻͎̹͍̱̬̼͍̜̟̱͕͍͓͎͛͊̌ͨ͒̋ͤ̑̾ͤͩ͞
But not a single flying fist frown
was given.

Did Tim Curry decided to dress up as a clown again?

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