KIller Instinct Trailer Introduces Sadira, Teases Black Orchid

KIller Instinct Trailer Introduces Sadira, Teases Black Orchid

Sadira the spider woman and Black Orchid round out the Killer Instinct roster.

A new trailer released over the weekend confirms the newest addition to the Killer Instinct universe, Sadira, the mysterious spider woman, and reveals the return of a classic KI character, Black Orchid.

Sadira, an all-new character, uses web attacks to quickly navigate levels and close the distance between her and her opponents. The fight also shows off her stage, a massive cave covered in webs made by Sadira's giant pet spider.

After Sadira's demonstration, a quick tease shows Black Orchid's battle introduction. The quick reveal shows Orchid summoning a fiery cat, one of her moves from the original KI games.

The trailer comes about a month after a leaked gameplay tease showed off some of Sadira's moves. Coincidentally, rumors following the tease, which didn't reveal Sadira's name, suggested the mystery character might have been a thoroughly redesigned B. Orchid.

Sadira will likely be the only original character in the initial KI lineup. Orchid and Sadira join previously announced lineup of returning KI characters, including Glacius, Jago, Sabrewulf, and Thunder. Rumors had suggested that Cinder, Fulgore, and Spiral would round out the season one roster. Based on Double Helix' projected character count, however, it seems at least one of those characters won't make the cut.

According to developer Double Helix, KI will feature six characters at launch, with two more coming within the next year as part of the game's "first season." The studio plans to expand the game with subsequent seasons starting in 2014.

Killer Instinct will launch alongside the Xbox One November 22.

Source: Gamespot


Oh, spiders. Wonderful.

I always find it hilarious in fighting game trailers when they're showing off moves and stuff, and the other guy's just like, "Yeah, I'm just gonna stand here and take it." It's like they're that prick who unpauses the game when their opponent has to go take a piss or something.

It's about time that Rare brought back that game but it look like it will take some time getting used to the new style (why is Jade wearing those goggle on her head? It look so out of place).

Because that clothing is so going to protect her from anything -sarcasm

Hope XBONE players get an alternative costume to make her seem atleast ABIT decent.

I would just like to take this opportunity to remind everyone that 'Orchid' is the old Greek word for testicle. You're welcome. :)


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