Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy Intro Showcases Lightning's Return

Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy Intro Showcases Lightning's Return

Surprise! Lightning Re[SPOILERS!]

We know how much everyone hates spoilers, so we're not going to say anything that would give away what happens in the opening cutscene to Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII. It's the first five minutes of the game, so watching it early probably wouldn't ruin the experience, but that's not our call to make.

Once you click that play button, though, you're on your own.

In order to avoid using language that might inadvertently give you an idea of what happens, we're going to describe it the same exact way that Square Enix has on Youtube:

"Join Lightning as she returns from her long slumber to face new and thrilling dangers in the face of the apocalypse. Old friends and unfamiliar enemies emerge from the darkness to challenge her, and prevent her from fulfilling her role as "savior."

Sounds confusing? Of course it does. This is the third part of a Final Fantasy trilogy. It'll make more sense if you watch the video, though... Probably.

Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII comes to Xbox 360 and PS3 February 11.

Source: PlayStation via YouTube


She may have the coolest sunglasses in video game history.

That looked stupid as hell. I still fail to understand the fandom of Lightning, she's bland and uninteresting. And I was hoping just a little that she might kill Snow, but at least he's no longer the stereotypical dudebro hero.

I still say they should purchase the rights to make AC/DC's Thunderstruck the game's main theme song.

It's good to see the characters are continuing to develop and change; Snow as an antagonist is a pretty neat twist. I do hope that Lightning's various costumes aren't all that silly looking, though.

All I ask is for once, just once, a final fantasy game play like the cutscene. They converted the combat system to action rpg similar to vs 13 and kingdom hearts. If it takes reaction commands to do it, then fine, but my enemies better block and parry my attacks.

The narrative actually does look intriguing, though I'm still working on 13. Hope it will come on Xbox because I can' afford another system right now, nevermind next gen. Gonna let ps4 and xbox 1 sit and marinate in their own juices for a while. Or better yet, age like a fine wine

Sad thing is, the cutcene looks cool enough, but does anyone really care about this? Or rather, do enough care for this to be profitable?

S-E ALWAYS has reveals with all FMV and NO Gameplay. At this point, the only thing that interests me about this project is the voice actress, Ali Hillis. It amuses me to pretend Liara T'Soni is running around in a human disguise.

Even if I buy when it hits the bargain bin (no Plat Hits unless a lot of folks buy it), I just doubt that this kind of buying behavior will garner them a profit.

Well, good I say, hopefully the humble pie will force them to focus on what makes the series great again. By all accounts, it seems they learned an important lesson with FF14, and FF15 does indeed look interesting thus far (esp after separating itself from the ill-fated FF13-moniker).

EDIT: and why in the heck is the Cloud skin a preorder exclusive? This far out, it's clearly just an unlock for stuff on the disc. Remember when stuff like this would be rewards as in-game unlocks?

Jim and AngryJoe said it well. It's hubris to think skins are worth more than a if they do an "Equalizer Pack" (like in ME2, all preorder bonuses) for the price of a value meal @ Wendy's, I MIGHT go for it...even though digital preorder content SHOULD go free after an allotted time.


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