Steam Modder Brings Starcraft to Civilization V

Steam Modder Brings Starcraft to Civilization V

What's world domination without some Terran, Zerg, and Protoss units?

If you're anything like most of us at The Escapist, you may have put a few (hundred) hours into Sid Meier's Civilization V and its expansions. After so many turns of war, diplomacy, and establishing trade routes, perhaps the game is getting a little stale. So what better way to spice up a three-year-old game than by adding Starcraft II units, as Steam modder Epic has done?

Calling the creation "Heroes of Starcraft, Epic adds Terran, Zerg, and Protoss species, as well as ten Hero units, to Civilization V. The Steam community page description breaks down the mod as thus:

Terran (Jim Raynor)
UA: Receive Culture and Science boost when hire new Hero.
Heroes: Jim Raynor, Horace Warfield and Ariel Hanson.
Ariel Hanson has a special Trait Medic that can heal multiple targets.
Siege Tank - Melee unit that can setup and do range attack.

Zerg (Sarah Kerrigan)
UA: Skills deal 10% more damage and 10% of Skill damage converted to Culture.
Heroes: Sarah Kerrigan, Izsha and Abathur.
Sarah Kerrigan has a specail Trait that her Skills burn all targets.

Protoss (Zeratul)
UA: Spells deal 25% more damage and 10% of Spell damage converted to Faith.
Heroes: Zeratul, Tassadar and Selendis.

New wonder Korhal Palace unlock Hero Nova.
Nova can use a new ability "Nuke Strike" that damage large area but has longer cooldown.

To play Heroes of Starcraft in Civilization V, you'll need the Brave New World expansion and a previous mod of Epic's, "Heroes of Might and Wisdom V3." And sure, you'll just play for a few turns. Just one more turn. Just one more...

Source: Kotaku


Congrats modder, you've made me interested in playing my long ignored copy of Civ 5 (I tried it for a while and it really didn't click with me. I vastly prefer Galactic Civ 2).

So I guess I'll re-insta-...Oh. It needs an expansion? Well forget that then.

Probably for the best, anyway. I still need to actually finish a game of Hyrule Total war, and I have Divinity Dragon Commander to try out too...

Civ V is three years old? Seriously? Christ that's weird.

you know this is the first day in weeks that I haven't booted up civ?

I just committed genocide on North Africa, that should have sated my bloodlust until what? Friday? But NOOOO, somebody had to make a Starcraft mod.

Fuuuuuuuuuuuck. Do you know how many WEEKS I was playing a Mod of Ice and Fire?

Lets just say August was a bluey-brown haze supplemented by dragons and knights.

And heres me sitting in a corner wondering if anyone ever made a decent 40K mod for Civ 5.

And heres me sitting in a corner wondering if anyone ever made a decent 40K mod for Civ 5.

Civfanatics forums offer up a complete list of mods look in the creation forum, think I saw one pass by a few weeks ago, you might have to do some digging

What? Why? You?! Aaaaaaarrrrgh!!
"Just one more round, just one more round, just one more, just, one, more, just...", hundreds of friggin hours i've spend on playing Civ, hundreds more on Starcraft, currently both are shelved and i was happy... i thought i was happy... and now there's a combination of both, made from somebody who apparently put some thought and work into it?! Gotta be friggin kidding me!

Well, back to spending turn after turn building and moving shit, watching it getting blown up eventually when another civilisation i thought i could trust turns for a backstab. Yay, fuuun.
I hate you, Epic... but i love you.

Eh. I don't know. Starcraft is a bit small scale for Grand Strategy games like this. Remember, Civ V is supposed to be the history of a whole planet over hundreds of years. All the mainstream Starcraft stuff takes place over five years.
Heck, there are plenty of other franchises that would be much better at a game like this. Star Trek, for example, would be brilliant. The only problem would it being primarily on land, and not in space.

well isnt this nice, you took a great game and integrated it into an even greater game. gota love those Civ mods.

Civ V is three years old? Seriously? Christ that's weird.

was about to comment on that as well. it felt like it came out this year or something. does not feel old at all. makes me realize how lnog under the curve i am.


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