Surgeon Simulator's ARG Solution Reveals Alien Surgeries

Surgeon Simulator's ARG Solution Reveals Alien Surgeries

What the heck is a gobbleshaft anyway?!

All you aspiring young surgeons may have noticed a mysterious ARG in the latest Surgeon Simulator 2013 update. People much more clever than us managed to discover a solution to the game in just two nights, revealing a set of hidden alien surgeries. Check out this blog post to find out how to solve the ARG, and start performing gobbleshaft transplants of your own.

For those of you unfamiliar with Surgeon "Simulator", it rose to fame as an utterly ridiculously complex surgery game, initially created in a 48-hour game jam. It since received a full retail release on Steam, and has steadily been receiving free DLC updates.

The latest update is not the first ARG Surgeon Simulator has received - in the game's TF2 update, there was another ARG that many fans mistakenly believed was a hint towards the ever-elusive Half-Life 3. The guys who solved the alien surgeries ARG managed to solve the first four puzzles legit, but admitted to brute-forcing the final two digits.

The alien surgeries complicate things even further by throwing ridiculously named alien organs at you. What the heck is a gobbleshaft, and where the heck does it go? Don't worry about that, your job is to either fix up your patient, or kill him trying. And you will probably kill him a lot.

Source: PC Gamer


Huh. When I first heard of this game and saw how off the walls it seemed, I didn't expect them to top that by making it even more off the walls.

A lot of the alien organs are references to LPers.

This game. it started as a terrible game, turned into a awesoem parody, then toppled onto its own head and became a flat irony. i never though id see anything like this after street sweeping simulator went crazy but this game makes me feel so astonished by what is essentially shitty mechanics.

That is some horrifying shit right there.

Here's to waking up in a cold sweat screaming tonight..

Gobbleshaft? So gullet right?

I'll have to fire up the game again, just not sure I'll ever get past some of the missions...


Pewdsball is a reference to PewDiePie.
Birgirspallex is a reference to Birgirpall.
Cubed Trangrifier is a reference to NerdCubed (Nerd³).
Gavichal is a reference to Gavin and Michael's Rage Quit by RoosterTeeth.
Robbaloraz is a reference to Robbaz.

If you cut off the Gobbleshaft it starts moving on its own and makes noises while floating around.

I found out about this game via Nerd³, and I love it. YouTubers are fantastic for smaller game developers, so seeing them return the favour is heart warming. Well, it would be, but my heart got sucked out an airlock.


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