Mount & Blade II Unveils New Screens

Mount & Blade II Unveils New Screens


A year after announcing Mount & Blade II TaleWorlds has released a new gallery of images from the game.

Mount & Blade, even after its Warband expansion, had its rough edges. Even so, it was nonetheless an addictive experience that enamored thousands of players with its mechanics of medieval conquest. You can perhaps understand, in turn, how exciting it was for these fans when, a year ago, the game's developers at TaleWorlds announced Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord with a brief teaser and promises of "highly requested new features."

In the time since, there's been little word on the game's progress. That said, Mount & Blade fans can now get their first glimpse of the game thanks to a batch of new screenshots released by the studio. The gallery, consisting of a dozen images, shows off a variety of environments ranging from arid deserts, green villages and medieval cities. The visuals, not surprisingly, look better than in the original Mount & Blade. Likewise, while it's somewhat hard to tell from static screenshots, the villages and cities arguably look a tad more expansive than they were in the first game. It's worth noting, of course, that the screenshots are all branded with a "work in progress" stamp. In other words, what we're looking at right now might be different from the finished product.

Personally, it'd be hard for me to accurately quantify how excited I am for Mount & Blade II. The first game is one of my favorites from the past few years and the prospect of an expanded and better looking take on its experience is one that has me primed and ready to reach for my wallet. What do you think? Did you enjoy Mount & Blade And if you did, do these screens do a good job selling the game?

Source: TaleWorlds via Games.On.Net


Screenshots mean nothing to me, as it can look like the original M&B as far as I care. What I want is more and better gameplay mechanics. And people in the game that doesn't feel like manikins with pre-recorded messages.

I am pretty sure that better graphics weren't high on the list of features requested for the game. At least not by the people who enjoyed the first title.

Screenshots mean nothing to me, as it can look like the original M&B as far as I care. What I want is more and better gameplay mechanics. And people in the game that doesn't feel like manikins with pre-recorded messages.


What will sell me on the game is improved mechanics. Like Minecraft, the Mount and Blade series has never been about the visuals.

I want to know how the game will improve things like diplomacy, kingdom management, etc. That's the information I'm waiting for.

I only played Warband, but I loved it. If the sequel is a better version of that: I WILL BUY IT NOW!

Not going to be excited utill i know how much smaller the game will become with the new graphics. They all ready scaled down the battlefield once. M&B is they only game i supported before it was out and like others said it never was the visuals that was the point, not for me anyway. But hey it looks good but so have many other game sequels. Problem is a lot of them missed the point and sank.

I just hope its not like Fire and Sword. Guns basically ruined that game. Also the real world setting sucked. And the kingdoms were unbalanced. Make it more like Warband. That one was fantastic. Also keep my Swadian Knights in or I will be sad.

I bin a fan since the original mount and blade. I for one approve of better graphics, but i would agree a more fleshed out world and believable npcs would go much farther.

Mount and blade was an amazing game that came out of left field for me. Saw it on a steam sale so i was like sure why not. I did not sleep the first night i played it.

All I wish for is that they bring back the original effectiveness of being a cavalry unit from the first game. Warband's animations made cavalry fighting a horrendous crap shoot, IMO. I liked being able to take 30+ enemy units alone just by being well-armed and on a horse. Is it OP? Certainly, but I think we can all agree that it was fun!

Hoping to see more varied battle and siege landscapes. The SP sieges in Warband (only version I've played A LOT) were a joke, with one major choke point where the AI would just clash and you had to wait in line to ever get into the combat. Every now and then you would just get pushed out of the way by friendly AI, fall down, and have to start back in line again. The MP sieges were more refined, with multiple entry points, and features like just breaking the gate or having one player infiltrate the castle and lower the bridge. Some of the battle arenas in MP were taken out of anyone's wet gladiator dream. In SP though, it mostly came down to AI cavalry getting stuck in a wall in an arena that was pretty much square with nothing in the middle. In some of the bigger sieges though, you would proceed to fight in the streets after winning the first battle, then followed by a fight in the lord's hall. This sadly only featured you and at most 3 other men, fighting in the streets that were big and would instead have made for some great battles. You never really needed the castle and farm streets for anything, all you did there was available from the menu, and you rarely had any chance to fight there, even though the scenery was way better than your average siege.

And more modding power? Apparently, this awesome lotr mod is not available on warband because of more limited modding.

That'll be a start.

A more comprehensive tutorial is what I'm looking for. Do you know how long it took me to figure out that you do couched lance damage by NOT pressing the attack button? Also, if we have a desert setting, I want to be able to ride camels.

The stills appear to be using the same poses models from Warband.

I dunno... Prettier graphics are nice, but I'd rather have better AI and movements, improved combat, and better integration of diplomacy. It always felt like kind of a crapshoot in Warband whether or not a Lord would like me.

If this is just Warband with HDR and post-processing, I think I take a pass.

Yesssssssssss. Very nice to see some more Mount and Blade stuff around. Looking forward to hearing more about the changes they've made and what they've improved. Exciting stuff all round.

The screenshots look nice enough, but I'm reserving my excitement for the first reel of gameplay footage. I pumped far too many hours than was healthy into Warband, so if they can improve on that experience they'll probably make a hermit of me.

I really hope they've made the single player deeper. I love Mount and Blade.


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