Investors Press Bill Gates To Go After Ballmer Departure

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As much as Microsoft needs to be more customer friendly, I don't ever recall Gates talking about being customer friendly to begin with.

Ok i'm not a stock person but I assume that each share gives a certain amount of power in regards to the running of the company divided by the total number of shares.

If Bill wants to make the xbone out of solid Ivory because its flashier he would have 4.5% voting power. These shareholders dont like ivory becuase they all love elephants so they all vote against for a total of somewhere greater than 5%.

Now lets do some maths is 4.5% a higher percentage than over 5%, no. So unless other investors are also wanting to make ivory xbones you havent got anything to worry about.

N.B This post in no way aims to say Bill Gates is evil ivory hunter, nor that the investors are Elephant loving hippies, its was a fictional story i pulled out my arse to illustrate a point.

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